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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Lyla Liu Xing

SlumberBond is a trusted companion for easing into new parenthood, ensuring better sleep for parents and babies.

Over 280 million new parents face sleep deprivation each year, losing an average of 450 hours of sleep in the first six months. The lack of sleep often results in serious health issues and is a leading cause of postpartum depression.

SlumberBond offers a comprehensive package powered by AI that accurately anticipates babies' sleep patterns and activities. It aids in getting babies to sleep effortlessly while helping parents avoid sleep inertia. And it also delivers valuable time management advice.

With SlumberBond, parents can combat the 'parent zombie' syndrome from day one. Experience a smoother transition into early parenthood and reclaim those precious hours of sleep because a well-rested parent is a happy parent.

A portrait of Lyla Liu Xing.

Lyla Xing is a London-based hybrid designer. Rooted in her life and work experiences across Beijing, New York, Paris, and now London, Lyla has developed an understanding of how design interacts with culture and diversity, inspiring her to create works that are accessible and resonate globally.

In her design process, Lyla focuses on the human aspect. She thinks that design is more than just aesthetics—it's about connection and empathy between people. 

Lyla's approach is also shaped by her previous experience studying and working in fashion design and art curation. This knowledge has helped her appreciate the synergy between form and function and the compelling narratives that objects and materials can tell. Lyla's work exemplifies her belief that effective design is visually pleasing and tells a story, thereby enriching the human experience.

Lyla's IDE experience helped her to explore and grow in the hybrid design approach. Her designs, always rooted in human connection, tell visual narratives that are accessible and inclusive, a testament to her comprehensive, cross-cultural vision.

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Current problems
Current problems
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