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Fashion (MA)

Linli Zhu

Linli Zhu ----

A chinese designer.

A realistic idealist.

A pessimistic optimist.

Always on the way to find selves.

As a designer with an engineering background,

her work is inclusive and focused on the human body,

always pursuing functionality and practicality.

a projection installation about the self

< Multiple Selves >

During the two years of studying at RCA, my mentality has changed a lot.

I have been thinking about who I am. I would be anxious, afraid, evasive, and I would never be able to be the ideal version of myself. But with the progress of the project and the in-depth thinking, one day I suddenly reconciled with myself. I started to accept each different me. Begin to accept the existence of those imperfect selves, for these are the ones that make up your true self.

So I believe that there is not only one self for each person. And the ego is going to grow.


In the beginning my projects were about self-packaging. It is to explore the true self and the actual self.

But then I realized that the human self is actually multiple selves. At different ages, occasions, and facing different people, people may have different selves to face. 


My project includes three parts.

1. Digital 3D part

2. Interactive projection part 

3. Physical part

The self in the digital world and the real world may be different.

The interactive device connects the digital and real one.

3D model

I want to show a relationship between different selves. Just like some will separate, some will merge, and some will produce a renewed self. Although external body anxiety, age anxiety, and material anxiety will exist at a certain stage of life, what we should do more is to learn to reconcile with ourselves.

About self-packaging
3d models
3D models
I have to live with myself, and so, I want to be fit for myself to know. I want to be able as days go by, Always to look myself straight in the eye. —— 《Am I True to Myself?》Edgar Guest
Interactive projection about selves

Physical garments

Due to my cultural background, I am from China, so I wonder if I can use this contraction principle to achieve the collision and fusion of two cultures. Because my self-experience also has Eastern and Western experiences at the same time, these are also my two selves.

Physical garments- suit
Suit is a very traditional form of garments in the West, so I want to change its shape by shrinking the rope.
physical garments- hanfu
One of the traditional Chinese garments is Hanfu. I refer to the Daoist robe道袍, and change its shape through this shrinking form.
Ice dyed
Ice dyed
Ice dyed
physical garments-Hanfu
physical garments-Hanfu
physical garments-Hanfu