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Fashion (MA)



"The power to make change lies in our hands, but it must be wielded with humility, respect, and a deep understanding of our place within the larger web of life." — Robin Wall Kimmerer (2013)

Our job is to learn with willingness and openness, and with collective imagination designers can challenge existing paradigms.

We share our journeys of system and self exploration, culture and identity. Here, the destructive norms that plague the industries of clothing are challenged, dismantled and reconstructed, giving rise to a tapestry of creativity and critical practice.

Within these virtual walls, you will encounter our stories that unravel the threads of tradition, bringing together our narratives, becoming vessels for personal stories and collective change. Our work expresses our motives and concerns in rapidly advancing landscapes and influences our position as designers and disruptors of the status quo.

Text and image by Rosa Avilez