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Textiles (MA)

Line Le Fevre

Line le Fevre is a multi-disciplinary artist foraging for clues in the world of psychology, science, and design. Born in Denmark, residing in many countries, she has spent decades absorbing and learning different cultural values and codes. Now based in London, her investigative work is a critical response to time spent observing a global disconnect affecting humanity and the entire living environment. She explores this through a practice of inquiry, making, and narration

Power of Design, Line’s RCA dissertation which was awarded a distinction, explores how designers can leverage their agency as an intervention in response to the global crisis. 

Amplifying knowledge exchange as the director of the SustainLab RCA Society 2022/23, Line has dedicated her professional practice to cross-disciplinary collaboration with the intention of exploring and progressing critical practices within art and design.

Large paper covered in black and white chalk hanging from wall draping onto floor. Two female figures standing on both sides.

How can we engage with tension to absorb its potential, in being transformative, rather than destructive? 

The tension of what appears to be contradictions. Our human psyche and lived experience are full of opposites; we are not binary creatures. Tension holds dualities, as do people. Materials have that same complexity of expression. Being with that tension, in that space of opposites, can be transformative. 

The inquiry of my work is how, through immersive making and material interaction, we can return to remembering who we are and how we are connected to all life forms. We then have a choice in how we respond to the privilege of being stewards of this planet.

In keeping with the Jungian interpretations of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, who through storytelling makes observations of the human psyche, I forage for clues to understand my own making and being. 

Creatura and Abraxas

An important dimension of my work is acknowledging the emotionally engaging process of making, as equally valid to systematic thinking and reasoning. This duality creates a tension which I am exploring by observing what presents itself when I suspend strategic thinking momentarily, to be intuitively led.

Currently, I am investigating the sculptural potential of biomaterials, which tell a story of opposing forces; of our natural elements; and the metamorphosis of matter and soul. Here I seek to navigate the tension of relentless experimentation with a practice of ­­observation, humility, and letting go. If tension is the prelude to change, then the alchemy of ritualistically combining the natural materials of the earth with my own life force - the crafting of a symbiosis - is a reciprocal relationship that transforms us both. 

Black biomaterial draped over rounded shape and white biomaterial hanging draped
a. Creatura 01. Sculpted biomaterial /b. Of The Sea 01. Biomaterial
Black biomaterial draped over rounded shape and close up of white biomaterial
a. Creatura 01. Sculpted biomaterial with mark making /b. Of The Sea 01. Biomaterial
Black draped sculpted biomaterial with white chalk markings on it
Creatura 02. Sculpted biomaterial
Grey sculpted stone-like shape resting on bannister and black mark making on white paper
a. Heavy Matter 02. Sculpted paper pulp from waste materials /b. Observational mark making by listening
Large black biomaterial draped over rounded shape
Creatura 03. Sculpted biomaterial
Black biomaterial hanging on wall and black mark making drawing on white paper
a. Of The Earth 01. Biomaterial with laser engraving /b. Observational mark making by listening
Draped clear bio sheet over dark head shape and draped bio sheet with marks engraved
a. Veil 01 and Heavy Matter 01. Sculpted biomaterial and paper pulp /b. Of The Breath 01. Biomaterial with laser engraving
Draped bio sheet over round head like shape
Creatura 05. Sculpted biomaterial with mark making
Black mark making on white paper and black bio material draped over wooden block
a. Observational mark making by listening. /b. Abraxas 01. Draped biomaterial and engraved oak offcut
Large drawing, small wood block with head sculpture on it and bio sheets hanging from the wall.
a. Movement As The Antidote. Observational mark making by listening /b. Skin And Bones. Sculpted biomaterial with embedded wood
Three biomaterials hung on wall white, natural and black. A wooden block leaning on a grey head like shape on the floor
a. Of The Breath. Of The Sea. Of The Earth. Biomaterial /b. Heavy Matter 02 and Abraxas 02. Sculpted paper pulp and oak offcut
Draped light bio material and sculpture of paper pulp grey in a headline shape resting on wooden blocks
a. Of The Sea. Biomaterial with laser engraving /b. Heavy Matter and Abraxas. Sculpted paper pulp and engraved oak offcuts
Biomaterial sculpted in peach colour
Metamorphosis. Sculpted biomaterial