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Information Experience Design (MA)

Junting Yang

Junting Yang.

Artists from China, based in London.

She is passionate about observing and reflecting on social issues, and is very interested in feminist issues. She aims to express in a challenging and disruptive way to attract public attention and reflection, while emphasizing the importance of feminism in shaping my artistic vision.

Her artistic practice mainly revolves around women, emotions, artificial intelligence, philosophy, and other aspects. Her creations always enjoy presenting them in a sci-fi, futuristic, and bizarre way.

Satirical Feminist Critique Using Speculative Design

I am using speculative design to expose, criticize and mock the current situation of reproductive culture in China. I am making an exaggerated critical object to do this. The object is designed to ask critical questions and show my whole process of discursive thinking, and my observations and reflections on society.

Reverse - Installation
Reverse - Installation: Inspired by films about artificial intelligence, science fiction and satire, she was interested in using the project to reflect on patriarchal practices in Chinese history. In ancient China, men practiced polygamy. She uses the "new" artificial womb in the project to symbolically/metaphorically reverse this - to reposition reproductive capacity. Further, promote women's consciousness awakening and social reflection.
Reverse - Mind map
Reverse - Mind map
Reverse - Graphic design displays the entire workflow of the installation.
Reverse - Graphic design displays the entire workflow of the installation.
Use abstract and split-screen presentation of the project flow.


Special thanks to Milo Zhao.




400mm x 400mm