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Design Products (MA)

Jingqiu Zhang

Jingqiu Zhang is an industrial designer and materials researcher from China, focusing on traditional cultural and handicraft design practices.


Jun Flow is a project in collaboration with Jin Xiaohong, a master of traditional Chinese Jun porcelain, using the fragments of vases that Jin smashed off after firing Jun porcelain for secondary glazing firing and redesign, and the final product is a container design with fragment characteristics mainly vases and plates to retain the characteristics of fragments.

Jun porcelain defects
Jun porcelain has only a 25% yield in the coal kiln and wood kiln firing process, which means that the remaining 75% will be discarded as fragments. Through research, we found the common types of defects in the production of jun porcelain.
Flowing glaze
Final design
The use of the characteristics of the glaze in the defective Jun porcelain combined with the new clay for a series of container designs, mainly vases and plates, this form is also a continuation of the traditional Jun porcelain design based on the characteristics of flower ware.