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Service Design (MA)

Isha Ghaisas

Isha Ghaisas is an Artist & Graphic Designer studying Service Design. She has a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design, India and has worked as a Brand Identity and UI/UX Designer before coming to the RCA. With varying skills from drawing, to video production to Design Thinking, she sees Service Design as being the overarching umbrella to help apply these skills in a meaningful way. With her Master's, she wishes to go beyond the constraints of any one field, to understand systems and collaborate to create truly imapactful solutions - be it technology, sports, finance or for the natural environment.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

The Designer, Isha drawing

The idea for my final project stemmed from my lived experience in the UK. The Recycling Infrastructure and System seems to be widely available, yet there are many points of confusion and gaps in access and participation which I wish to bridge with my final project.

What if the Experience of Recycling was enjoyable?

Every day, we make a decision that would have a huge, invisible impact. Though a lot of advice is available on recycling, symbols to guide us, most items leave us wondering if we've done the right thing and no immediate way to get feedback.

Every borough council has different recycling rules. Though many items are technically recyclable, they will be recycled only if your council accepts them. Items which are:

  • recyclable but not accepted,
  • which are not clean enough,
  • or wrong items put in the recycling bin because of confusion

will be treated as contamination. Contamination costs the councils, taxpayers and the environment and leads to a reduced recycling rate.

It is not enough to just be recycling, we need to recycle right more often. Gaps in information, heavy effort requirements mean people are likely to give up and not recycle something that could have been recycled.

This work in progress project about understanding recycling from the perspective of users and service providers and bridge gaps to provide a better experience to tackle contamination in recycling.

*the project displayed on this website is a work in progress*

Recycling bins
recycling statistics
Definition of contamination
The Problem Statement

Solutions: Behind the Scenes

The project is currently in the stage of developing a solution. The mission is to make correct recycling information available in an engaging manner. Here is an example process that goes behind the neat Service Proposition:

System Map Sketch
Recycling System Map - stakeholders, actions, interactions, problems
Solutions on a Whiteboard