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Service Design (MA)

hui liu

Mindful Potato, a service design initiative, targets food waste in homes, particularly among those living alone. By providing tools and resources, we empower individuals to adopt sustainable eating habits and manage their food, thereby cultivating a zero-waste kitchen. Through these small but significant behavioural changes, Mindful Potato seeks not only to help individuals, but also to instigate a broader societal shift towards sustainability.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

Interdisciplinary designer, integrating innovative thinking and sustainable concerns to drive social change.

As an interdisciplinary designer, I have a wide range of project experience spanning the fields of graphic design, product design, user experience design and interaction design. My ability to think independently and creatively allows me to solve problems from multiple perspectives and provide unique design solutions. I am concerned with social issues and sustainability and incorporate these concerns into my projects. At the same time, I have the technical skills and creative output to combine creativity and technology to express my design ideas in a creative way. Through the integration of design and technology, I am committed to promoting social change and sustainable development.

Customer journey
The biggest problems faced by people living alone are unpredictability and overdose, which exists throughout the process of buying and eating alone.