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Design Products (MA)

Huailei Huang

Huailei Huang is a multidisciplinary designer. He used to work as a designer in a design consultancy in China, participating in the design and development of various smart electronic products and medical products. He is currently studying for MA in Design products at the Royal College of Art. He is passionate about creating insightful designs, exploring the practical motivation behind behavior, and thinking about the impact of design on the world with curiosity.

Huailei Huang is a designer from Hangzhou, China.

A speculative design based on how to improve the efficiency and safety of travel in the context of future developments in autonomous driving technology.

We have divided the design into two parts. The first part is a new language of lights for the future of intelligent transport. The second part is a new direction for human-machine interaction in the vehicle, where the driver can change the light display of the body through gestures and interact with the outside world with information. And real-time road data can be transmitted to the back office to provide data to help other collective participants and optimise the overall traffic efficiency of the city.

For the design of the light set, we were inspired by the stunning beauty of butterflies in nature. The bionic design is based on the wing structure of a butterfly. Expressing a new aesthetic direction for the future of transport. Using nature to design the future.

Faced with the ever-changing medium, the challenge for every designer is how to use these mediums and technologies to express themselves. The current development speed of AI is unexpected, but we have always pursued the best expression and interaction, and we will not blindly follow the trend. There are boundaries, and there are scales, but it is not possible to accomplish new designs by datamining, standardising or marking new ground.

When each vehicle leaves the production plant, it is confronted by a variety of collective participants, and how to control their communication is an art of future transport design. 

light language
interaction tail light
Autonomous model light
Autonomous model light
The Breath, The butterfly, media item 13
The Breath, The butterfly, media item 14

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