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Design Products (MA)

Haoran Qi

Footwear designer

Product designer

3D artist


In the future, as resources and the environment become less available and people become more aware of the world, it will become easier and more common to move and migrate geographically, often to adapt to a new way of life and cultural background. But behind this decision we are also destined to be unable to take with us all the memories of the past, especially those of our loved ones who have left us.

So when we face this change, it is clear that traditional tombstones and memorials are no longer a good way of remembering…….

We need a more ephemeral approach to monuments ...... In this approach, the erosion of the monument is a metaphor for the fading of our memories as we deal with grief, allowing it to be more than a form of remembrance and can ultimately motivate us to be able to move on with our lives.

Explanation of this project from background to use.
PROJECT FILM, media item 2
PROJECT FILM, media item 3
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