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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


The human race, and the world, as we've come to know it, are evolving beyond the layers of nature, at a pace that supersedes the generations before us. Changing times call for changing systems. A generational awakening is introducing us to new experiences and behaviours, and, the complex synchronisations of living organisms enables progressive opportunity - bringing life to modern innovation.

The artist posing for the camera - frontal view

The creative alias - 0d, is used to represent the identity of the artist’s alter ego.

Over the years, I have been working to develop the 0d brand through state-of-the-art practices. My research and developments are the sum of my experiences. Each project I undertake falls under the 0d umbrella and have names like ex0d, bi0d, 360d, and bl0d [to name a few].

Although separate in nature, each can be linked back to the existence of the other via their founding principles and philosophies [their routes of existence], and creative aesthetics [their seed of existence]. They speak the same creative language, or better, are on the same frequency - what I refer to as: frequency0d [their existence].

It’s attention to the little things that help manifest a vision into a reality. 0d is exactly that, a vision for the future; for mankind, planet earth, and the universe.