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Animation (MA)

Jiaqing Chen

Jia Qing Chen, born in Guangzhou, China, and moved to Vancouver, Canada in her teens. She is an artist whose practice spans experimental animation, photography and live-action.

Before pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Narrative Animation at the Royal College of Art, she graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design with honours.

Upon graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, she volunteered at TEDxEmily Carr U, worked as the animation lead and curator and directed the opening short Greater Than You (2019). She has also given a short TEDx talk Explore and Experiment at TEDxEmily Carr U in 2021.

Her live-action music video AAAnsty AAAlice(2020) co-directed for a Vancouver-based indie band was made official selection in several international film festivals including Rome Prisma Film Awards; Kosice International Film Festival; International Mobile Film Festival.

artist photo

Jia Qing Chen's practice includes 2D animation, cameraless filmmaking, photography and live-action. Her work revolves a lot around themes of mental and psychological health, memories, emotions, love, mysticism and the everyday. She enjoys defamiliarizing the everyday as much as she enjoys documenting the everyday.

She is interested in "bad aesthetics" such as noise, imperfections, degradation and glitches, through experimenting with digital and physical manipulation, turning bad image quality into a pleasing aesthetic. It all originated from her creative habit of using whatever devices are at hand to create, so the image quality cannot always be ideal, thus she starts to find creative ways to turn the shortcomings of the machine into something pleasurable. Also as she believes that some emotions, feeling or images need to be captured at the moment and cannot wait till a time when everything technical is perfect. She often works without storyboards, letting the projects evolve organically as she progresses with experiments.

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love fire
love ink
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digital, 16mm film