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Animation (MA)

Chu-Chieh Lee (Chu)

Chu-Chieh Lee is a Taiwanese animation director, animator and illustrator based in London, UK. She finished her BA in Multimedia and Animation Art at the National Taiwan University of Art. Her career started by working at Bito Studio in Taiwan for three years as a designer, animator and art director. In 2016, she changed gears and started working as an independent illustrator/animator till now. 

Relocating and pursuing her career in London in 2018, she has worked for clients worldwide, such as Pfizer, Linkedin, Google, Nestlé, and BBC. The animation studios she has luckily worked with include Psyop, Man vs Machine, Blinkink, and DressCode, to name a few. 

Chu’s prolific professional and commercial experience familiarised her with the pitching environment. Her practice focuses on storytelling, creative solutions, art direction, design-oriented illustration, and 2D animation with 3D as assistance. Her animation commissions have been nominated for and won many creative awards, such as ADC, The Motion, and Muse Creative Awards. Moreover, her work has been featured and published in various design/illustration publications and been selected by design and illustration exhibitions.

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Degree Details

School of CommunicationAnimation (MA)Narrative AnimationRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Second floor


My work is characterised by a playful use of colour and graphical style, capturing the essence of emotions, identity, memories, environment, and mental health. With a rich background in working with clients and personal projects, I bring a versatile approach to my art. Whether collaborating with clients or pursuing my creative endeavours, I strive to create visually captivating and thought-provoking pieces that resonate with viewers. Through my illustrations and animations, I aim to spark conversations, raise awareness, and foster a deeper understanding of these topics.

While digital 2D animation has been my primary medium, I'm eager to explore analogue and tactile techniques. Studying at the RCA has broadened my skills and helped me delve into traditional animation methods. By combining digital precision with analogue textures, I aim to push the boundaries of my artistic expression and create captivating animations.

Minus Plus Multiply - Trailer

Minus Plus Multiply

The film surrounds the protagonist’s self-searching and healing journey and explores the relationship and connection between emotion and space. It attempts to construct a poetic narrative and psychological self-portraits through experimentation in 2D animation, stop motion and sound. 

The film also reflects sensibility, fragility, and fragmentation of identity by applying pottery and clay.

Animation Clip #1
Animation Clip #1
Zoetrope Pots
Animation Clip #3
Vase morphing
Animation Clip #4

Character Design

Main character design chart and renders

Character Design
3D Model Render
3D Render3D Modelling : Shao Kuei Tong

Behind the Scenes

This project utilized various techniques such as pottery, laser cutting, 3D printing, stop frames, and 2D/3D digital animation.

3D Prints
Laser Cut
Visual Test


2D/ 3D Animation, Stop Motion


16 x 9, 4 mins 21 secs
pencil, charcoal, water colour
Style test
Style test

The First Seven Days

The First Seven Days is my first-year film. Based on the folklore of moths in Taiwan, this short animated film tries to capture the feeling and emotions of losing someone through the director’s memories. With smokey hand-drawn images using soft pastels, watercolour, and coloured pencils, the animation presents ephemeral moments and indescribable feelings with poem-like mumblings.

What Does God Look Like - BBC Archive What Does God Look Like is a Risograph animation with a short clip from the BBC archive, interviewing children about what god may look like.


Risograph, 2D Animation


16x9, 0min 38 seconds
Binary OppositionThis animation juxtaposes the images with contrary meanings, representing the natural complexion of our world.


2D Hand-Drawn


16x9, 0min 10 seconds

Taiwan Government scholarship to study abroad /GSSA