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Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc)

Cui-Lyn Huang

Cui-Lyn is an interdisciplinary designer from Singapore and Malaysia, who strives to make the world a more efficient place through intentional design. Her work focuses on using technology to innovate within the mental illness and medical industries.


UX Designer – DreamTeam, London UK (2023 – present)

Design Lead – Imaginator, London UK (2022 – present)

UX/UI Designer – Digital Avenues, Singapore (2019 – 2021)


MSc/MA Global Innovation Design – Imperial College London & Royal College of Art, London UK (2021 – present)

International exchanges: Keio University, Tokyo and Pratt Institute, New York City

BSc Journalism & Interaction Design – Northeastern University, Boston (2014 – 2018)

Portrait of Cui-Lyn Huang

I’m excited by functional design; constantly inspired by the potential to streamline and automate anything. To me, brilliant design means intention, intelligence and efficiency. I strive to create experiences that are smooth, delightful, and to an extent, unnoticed. My professional practice lies at the intersection of creativity and technology, and I am driven by the prospect of using technology to enrich our unpredictable world. I hope to continue exploring different methodologies of research, design, and making to challenge myself as an evolving creator.

zensor patch on elbow
zensor UI
student wearing zensor patch
zensor patches
patch diagram

zensor is an automated stress monitoring system designed to prevent burnout in students.

It utilizes flexible bioelectronic patches to gather physiological data, which is then processed using machine learning algorithms to provide real-time stress information. By incorporating principles from personal informatics and social cognitive theory, zensor encourages students to engage with their personal data, facilitating behavioural changes and empowering them to make informed lifestyle decisions for effective stress management.

The flexible biosensor patch is directly adhered to the skin, capturing physiological data that is transmitted to the zensor app. Through machine learning analysis, users receive real-time stress data and notifications during high-stress events, promoting mindfulness and positive behavioural change.

cardtharsis card packs
cardtharsis manual
cardtharsis components
cardtharsis card flatlay

Cardtharsis is a card-based emotional processing tool kit designed to navigate the complex emotions that come with having a loved one struggling with addiction. The toolkit facilitates emotional processing while simultaneously creating conversation to deepen relationships and tackle the stigma associated with substance use disorder.

Cardtharsis consists of three sections - the past, the present, and the future - each catering to a different stage of the emotional processing journey. The toolkit is modular and flexible; each section can be used independently or together.

Every element of the toolkit is grounded in psychological principles of emotional processing and healing, and the common needs of people with lived experiences of caring for a person with a substance use disorder.

Each card pack contains a series of questions to be used as self-reflection and journal prompts, or as conversation cards with someone else. The questions gradually ease users into potentially emotionally laborious conversations by increasing in intensity. Cardtharsis aims to create vulnerability through play. It’s just a card game, right?

Cardtharsis is a step toward challenging the bigger picture – toward humanising substance use disorder, battling stigma, and making it easier for those in need to seek help. Conversations create empathy.

tagtest in nightclub setting
tagtest open
tagtest closed

tagtest is a portable fentanyl test pod, providing discreet and convenient access to substance testing.

Fentanyl - a synthetic opioid - has become one of the leading substances involved in all drug overdoses within the United States. These statistics are highly preventable with accessible fentanyl testing. Drug testing serves as a form of harm reduction from illicitly manufactured drugs. tagtest aims to empower people who use drugs to make more informed decisions toward safer drug use.

In collaboration with Partnership to End Addiction NYC.