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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Clement Bolle

Communication became the central nervous system of today's society. Multiple current new technologies rely on our abilities to connect and communicate with each other at a fast pace. However, the increase of data bandwidth requires hardware components within a network to be more complex and sensible. This result in higher risks of misfunctionment of the devices due to low quality control and wrong manutention during the production and placement within the network. 80% of network failures occur due to defective parts being sent into the field. In parallel, the telecom and datacenter industries need to meet new sustainability goals in term of energy consumption and circular economy. As for today, it represent 3-4% of global emissions and only 20% of the networking components are being recycled.

To address these issues, AQbot was designed as an automated quality control system used to test and refurbish telecom and datacenter components. The test setup design uses collaborative robot integration capabilities combined with open source test equipment to enable consistent testing of key parameters required for the functioning of a network.The sustainable solution enable refurbishing of used components through a re-qualification process to be reused within older infrastructures and reduces the total network waste.

Image representing clement laying on a brick wall.

Clement is a design engineer working in consumer technology and telecom applications. My projects merge engineering and design thinking with an emphasis on analysis and user experience to provide functional, practical and user-friendly solutions.

Image representing physical setup of automated test setup
Physical setupThe image shows the physical setup built in a telecom laboratory. An open source collaborative robot combined with off the shelf test equipment are used to test the different component parameters required for the effective functioning of the network.
Pick and place using computer vision/object detectionA series of tests were done using computer vision for pick and place operations.
The image shows the assembly of the automated test setup
Automated test setup assemblyThe automated test setup is composed of a collaborative robot embedded with test equipments used to analyse and enable refurbishing of network components. The device is designed to enhance testing capabilities and fit within the workflow of production lines and laboratories.
Contamination analysis of network componentsNetwork components are sensible devices that can be affected by all sort of contaminations during their production and placement into the field. The contaminations in the form of dust and skin oil block the light transporting the data and affects the connectivity at the end-user side. The video shows a test conducted to analyse the amount of contamination within the part.
Pass/Fail decisionThis step shows the pick up of the component based on a pass/fail decision related to the outcome of the previous parameters tested.


Cooperation with Boltic Laboratory