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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Bingqin Yang

Bingqin is a forward-thinking creative specialist skilled in cultivating concepts and strategies across digital, tech, and experiential domains. Possessing a rich dual background in Material Engineering and User Experience Design, she endeavors to infuse every project with impact, merging strategy, avant-garde technology, cultural insights, art direction, user behavior, and usability trends into a compelling narrative.

Her worldview is shaped by an insatiable curiosity, an ambition to blaze new trails, and a constant pursuit of fresh opportunities. She embraces new challenges with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Relevant Experience:

Creative Director at UNIT9

Publications, Patents and Conferences:

Experiment and study on the hydrochloric acid-steam degumming process of silk-knitted fabric

Method for Degumming Silk Knitted Fabric (CN110373889A)

Preparation and Properties of Nano SiO2 Silicone Rubber Composites

Featured Projects and Awards:

Michelob ULTRA: McEnroe vs McEnroe (5 Cannes Lions, 1 Sports Emmy, 1 Adage)

Cox: Project Convey (2 Cannes Lions) 

Nike: Trove Experience (1 FWA)

Bingqin's statement image

My passion lies in the intersection of mixed reality, phygital fluid interfaces, and AI. My goal is to challenge conventional thinking and make the impossible possible by exploring and experimenting with various forms of media and state-of-the-art technologies, from ideation, experiments to prototyping.

Mission 2023 Onwards

Fuel the world with creativity and fun.

Unlocking infinite possibilities, empowering females to reach their full potential and aim for success in a strategic and systematic manner.

Revolutionize Your Creative Workflow with TangiCraftA ground-breaking innovation that blends AI and real-time physical-to-digital transformations. TangiCraft's core innovations: 1. Real-time Physical-to-digital Model Transformation, 2. AI-Powered Rendering, 3. Iterative Design Process, 4. Versatility across Materials and Industries.
setup with an ios device
Step 1: SetupSetting up the scene and camera with your iOS device, enabling easy access with just an iPhone or iPad.
spatial data streamed in real-time to create a digital 3d model
Step 2: Craft Physical Model and Stream a Digital RepresentativeDesigners can explore their creativity by crafting physical models with any materials or objects that spark inspiration. Simultaneously, as they shape and manipulate the physical model, a corresponding digital model dynamically evolves in real-time, mirroring their physical creation.
setup the 3d environment and render the model
Step 3: AI RenderingDesigners can tailor the 3D environment to suit their 3D model. For AI rendering, they simply input a text prompt, choose an AI style, tweak parameters to their liking, then render to obtain the AI-generated output.
using a physcial control pannel to control the output
Step 4: IterationDesigners can make quick adjustments to the AI render results including style, colors, silhouette shape, etc.
a physical model
Testing Physical Model
digital model
Streamed Digital Representation of the Testing Physical Model
6 AI rendered images
AI-Generated ImagesA few art examples were generated based on the same test physical model. By adding weights to different parameters, with different AI models, the art style and similarity between the physical model and the AI output is adjustable.
Versatility across Materials and Industries
Rapid Prototyping Capabilities Across Creative Industries