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Service Design (MA)

Aoran Sun

Welcome to "The Future of AIGC & Design Creativity"!

When I first collaborated with Mid-Journey on a painting in October 2022, I was astounded by its swift drawing capabilities. Hours flew by as I was engrossed in creating art, and from then on, I was certain that this was a field I was passionate about and willing to explore for the coming years.

With the release of ChatGPT 4 and the emergence of numerous AI applications, the benefits of efficiency have extended from art to all facets of life, allowing more individuals to experience the 'wonder moment' of their first encounter with AIGC. I'm optimistic about the positive changes these emerging technologies can bring to our lives.

As a designer, I recognize the irreplaceable role of human interaction in the creative process. However, I also believe that designers have a responsibility to understand how to collaborate with AI and innovate in response to future changes. To accomplish this, I delve into :

1. The understanding and attitude of designers toward the efficiency of AI 2. Explore existing AI collaboration processes and ideal workflow guidelines for designers to maintain creativity 3. Examine ethical approaches for the future use of AI in design to avoid ethical issues.

Opportunity Definition:

During the research, I defined an opportunity: How can AI empower the design thinking process? How can we assist service designers who aspire to integrate AI tools into their future workflows? The answer lies in offering a comprehensive AI tool with design thinking guidance. By doing so, I aim to enhance their work efficiency, maintain their core creativity, and uphold ethical principles.

Key Findings:

To uncover the answers to these questions, I invited designers from various fields and explored the key findings in the Human + AI Design collaboration map.

Service Definition: AIDE+

Based on these findings, I further deduced my service definition: "AIDE+", Your Design Copilot. "AIDE+" is an all-in-one AI design assistant that provides robust support to service designers throughout the preparation, execution, and completion stages of their design processes.

By improving the efficiency and quality of the design process, optimizing the design experience, and ensuring the full realization and application of design outcomes, this platform provides a superior work experience for designers.

Designer's picture

I am Aoran Sun, a service designer from China. My background encompasses product design, interaction & user experience design, and service design. I specialize in user research, strategic analysis, and collaborative innovation, applying what I have learned in companies and translating it into my own practical methodology.

Often describing myself as a curious explorer, I am keen on communication, questioning, and delving into different areas of design.

'To face the unknown world, all you need is curiosity! '

The areas of my interest and practice include:

AIGC & Design AI & Human Collaboration Co Creation Research and Strategy Design Sustainable Goals

For more information about my education and practical experiences, feel free to visit my LinkedIn page above.

background about the reason why I focus on AI and design
Relationship between AI and designer
AI Application Pyramid
How can AI empower the design thinking process?
Overview of AI-empowered Design  Co-creation Workshop
Workshop structure
workshop output
workshop Key findings in Human + AI  Design collaboration
DESIGN GOALS and user persona
service that Pain points of designers at different design stages and ai assistance at different design stages
Service Introduction of "AIDE+" is an all-in-one AI design assistant
Business model
Division of work