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Animation (MA)

Anoushka Agarwal

Anoushka Agarwal is an animator and communication designer from Kanpur, India. She is a storyteller, invested in themes around feminism, body, mind and equity.

Anoushka did her undergraduate degree in Communication Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and was awarded the Entry Scholarship (Academic) throughout her studies. She also studied at Oxford University during this period and did her Student Exchange Programme at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). She had an internship at Kurikindi Center, South Korea, and worked as a communication designer at Ladyfingers. Co, India, before pursuing animation at the Royal College of Art.  She has also worked as an animator on Bussing Out, an immersive, multimedia installation produced by Theatre in the Mill.

Anoushka’s sensitivity and curiosity have been amplified by her educational, work and personal experiences around the globe. With animation, she found a medium to express these stories.

A warm toned photo of me sipping rice tea in Sanchon, South Korea.

There is a darkness one can convey in animation, which provides the guise of being a child’s medium. One can portray the deepest emotions where verbal expression falls short. The itch that we all feel internally can be metaphorically depicted in animation, which is what I approach in my creative practice. 

I am an observer interested in the small interactions of our everyday existence. My work is often self-reflexive, capturing my experiences or of patterns of behaviours that I have noticed in those around me. Creating an animation is a cathartic exploration of my inner self and allows me a space to express my vulnerability. 

Materiality, tactility and textures are central to my work and inform every decision of my research, as I want to create a visceral journey for the viewer, to bridge the gap between the screen and the physical. I experiment with various techniques such as watercolour on paper, risograph printing, puppet stop motion, and paint on glass, alongside digital 2D animation. I picked up the handicraft of crochet during Covid as a way to deal with the anxiety of being trapped indoors, and this opened up a new territory of research for me as I started questioning the roles of women within households and what womanhood entails. It started from a place of anger but has transformed into a constructive pathway for me to analyse non-dominant groups within society. My works aim to create awareness and visibility of underrepresented narratives.


A woman's meticulously organized routine gets upended when her home starts to unravel.


Stop Motion Short Film


4 minutes


The film tackles the issues of violence and oppression that underlie domestic life, examining the uneven division of household chores, the unspoken suffering women endure, and the constant presence of authority that reinforces gender roles within the home. It also explores how young girls are socialised into becoming perfect homemakers, exposed to these expectations through every aspect of their lives, including observing the women around them dutifully adhering to the same scripts.

Character's arm lifted
Kitchen lit up with the evening glow
Puppet walking towards iron in the evening glow from the windows
Character leaning against wall
Music box
Shooting Tid-bits
Making of the Puppet
Sound Recording Session with Eleanor
A photograph of myself encircled by spot lights, with blue and pink filters, in the midst of a shot.
In hindsight, I should have documented better :P
Initial character design with armature structure
Initial Character Design
Initial Set Design
Initial Set Design
Incomplete puppet supported by rig.
Initial Puppet Construction The puppet is made with wire, milliput, basswood and padding. I switched from basswood to sculptural foam later, because the puppet was heavy. I also used thicker wire for the neck, untwisted to prevent it from snapping.
Set assetsassembled on table to get a feel of the space
Set in ProgressI used a combination of plywood and MDF, laser cut according to specifications to make the set.
Set and puppet illuminated by natural ligh
Photoshoot for the Work in Progress Show
Set illuminated by natural light
Photoshoot for the Work in Progress Show
Chopping Wood for Puppet
Chopping Wood for Puppet
Assembling the Cupboard
Assembling the Cupboard
Picking a sound clip from BBC archives, I made an interaction between 2 cats discussing their romantic lives.


Digital 2D Animation


20 seconds