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Animation (MA)

Amir B Jahanbin

Amir B Jahanbin is a 3D artist working in animation, illustration and games. His cheeky and playful characters use noisy textures and simple shapes to give a nostalgic, familiar feeling. His work has been shown with Ninjatune, Technicolour, [adult swim], The New York Times, Nickelodeon, GIPHY, and in Times Square. Over the past few years his short films and music videos have been shown at festivals and events around the world.

Degree Details

School of CommunicationAnimation (MA)Narrative AnimationRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Second floor

Amir B Jahanbin

Amir has been working on a video game while studying at the Royal College of Art. Players take on the role of a curious pigeon living in a picturesque cliffside town by the sea. With a vibrant 3D art style the world of Bird Horizons comes to life as players discover the town meeting other birds. As a bird you can sore over the rooftops looking for the ruins of a castle, or run along the shore looking for treasure. You'll encounter a cast of charming and quirky characters, each with their own routines. The world offers players an immersive open world to fully explore. This game will be available to play at the RCA 2023 Show in July at the Truman Brewery. Follow for more :)

cover image
runaway egg
art direction
character design

Support from the Passion & Strange Beast Prize