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Information Experience Design (MA)

Ziyu Liu 刘子瑜

Ziyu Liu is an artist who focuses on sex science. Making artworks for the experience of feminists, sexual minorities and marginalised people, she criticises and reflects on future social issues through traditional art forms and installations. Her humorously dark stories stir the audience's emotions, while allowing to explore handcrafts and drawing as the main medium of communication.

2 magnifying glasses, 6 artificially crafted clitoral fossils and 2 fossilized female sex toys,  anatomical hand-drawn clitoris.

Based on Helen O‘Connell’s opinion, whether consciously or not, we ignore the clitoris, avoid discussing the female orgasmic organ, and refer to the clitoris as a "little penis", pretending that it is useless. In doing so, the clitoris forgets itself and loses its identity. If this continues, the clitoris will slowly “disappear”. Will you let this happen? Is the clitoris going to be a part of history?

Under the heavy influence of a patriarchal society, the clitoris has been grossly neglected as an organ that can only provide orgasmic pleasure. It is rarely discussed in science, and even in textbooks it appears only as a 'side note' to the penis. However, according to my research, the clitoris has become smaller and smaller over the course of mammalian evolution, with females being able to ovulate on their own without the need for orgasmic stimulation to reproduce. The clitoris became an organ that could only provide pleasure. But is reproduction the only thing that matters? I believe that pleasure, happiness, joy, comfort, intimacy, and care are all elements that cannot be replaced in sex.

My work speculates on the consequences of the disappearance of the clitoris in the evolution of future humans. Audiences will experience a restored future archaeological research site through the installation and the dialogue sound piece.

What is the role of clitoris when we discuss gender inequality? How does the clitoris affect sexual pleasure inequality? How does the neglect of the clitoris impact female sexual organs? I will challenge social issues of female sex pleasure being ignored and sexual liberation being limited.

Warning: This section contains mature or explicit content.

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Aphrodite-9Speculative design,Provocation of female orgasm
fossils illusions
A picture of observing clitoris fossils through the magnifying glass effect.
see fossils through
magnifying glass with clitoris fossils
magnifying glass with fossils
people with clitoris fossils
people with fossils

Warning: This section contains mature or explicit content.

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happy pussy manifesto, text
happy pussy manifesto
a hand with a bleeding clitoris, a screenshot of the happy pussy manifesto animaton
a woman is chained with 3 dildos, a screenshot of the happy pussy manifesto animaton
happy pussy manifesto leaflet in the toilet
happy pussy manifesto leaflet in the underground seat
happy pussy manifesto- animation


sketches, animation, texts