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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Ziwei Lu

Ziwei Lu (1998, Guangdong, China) is a London and Hong Kong based artist whose practice and intellectual enquiry is led by her ongoing investigation in the body as a productive entity. Working with mass-produced and distributed objects and cultural symbols, Lu reflects on notions of labour and embodiment through performance-based moving image, photography, installation and writing.

Lu holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, where she graduated with First Class Honours. Her works had been exhibited internationally including Tate, UBS and Lee Tung Avenue.

Informed by my research on two collections of worker's poetry, namely "The Iron Moon" edited by Qin and "Nvgongji" written by Zheng, alongside mukbang content on various platforms, I explore the parallelism in the notion of work between factory workers and mukbangers. My focus revolves around the intimate connection between bodily labour and consumption, with a particular emphasis on carbohydrates. I contemplate how these working bodies rely on the energy derived from their own labour to perform more of it.

The notion of productive leisure in a post-Fordist society, the programmed and cultured nature of the body to be in a constant state of work become significant aspects of my inquiry. I reflect upon the accommodation of bodies in response to the demands of labour, whether it be within work, consumption, or exercise. This, in turn, leads me to examine the objects: tools and equipment we create to act and be acted upon. I find their embedded needs and desires intriguing, as they provide a gateway to contemplate the intricate relationships between labour, production, products, and consumption.

Cake stand with pig's head on top
Pig Peach Shrine
Cake stand with pig's head on top
Detail of toy grabber
Disco ball made with goshapon
Goshapon Disco Ball
Disco ball made with goshapon
Stand with slippers and moulds.
I Heart You Stomach
Detail of stand
Detail of gold mould
Detail of heart mould
Detail of slippers
Detail of moulds
Metal installation with exercise bike
River Bench Bike
Detail of river bench bike fall
Metal installation
BBQ Chair


Ready-mades, Mild Steel, Audio, Moving Image


Dimension Variable
Swallowing Made In China (March)
Swallowing Made In ChinaSweat-drenched coal-smeared bodies, dark pig’s blood soup and cigarettes. Vivid reds of temporary residence permits and blood-shot eyes; the occasional braised pork belly and irregular periods; the burning iron and the cheeks of lovers; the poppies back home and the blood bursting from severed fingers. They seeped and drenched the ivory pages. The symphony of cling-clanks, blasts, beeps and squeaks echoing the rhythm of Qin Opera, in the silence of the poets, in the darkness of nights.
Text and image of slippers
Just Around The Riverbend
The Names of NongmingongThis piece of writing attempts to trace the names of Nongmingong, to understand the formation of their discriminative uses and derogatory user context. By inviting and weaving the voices of migrant workers in the forms of their poetry in factual and theoretical literature, I hope to bring to light their life stories as individuals and the history they craft collectively. Writing “with” them is to place these quiet but vivid lives in the light and put together a piece of history that belongs to them.