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Fashion (MA)


Ry is a fashion designer who seeks to use fashion as a highly refined language for emotional and philosophical expression. They are always eager to explore the combination of various fabrics, materials, and techniques to convey their indescribable spiritual world.

After acquiring a foundational knowledge of fashion during their undergraduate study at London College of Fashion, Ry further delved into the possibilities of using fashion as a medium of expression during their master's program at the Royal College of Art. Through perceiving the resonance between various materials, structure, and silhouette, their designs express their emotions and philosophies, especially East Asian philosophy, and also as a projection of their inherent existentialist thinking and feeling in reality.

Their love for Asian culture, aesthetics, and traditional clothing imbues them with a unique mode of expression and a different perspective for creation and interpretation. They often draw on Eastern allusions and employ metaphors, using fashion as a medium of expression akin to poetry or film. They are experiencing life, gaining a deeper understanding of life and perceiving the world through their creative process and expression and are constantly thrilled by the insights and possibilities that continuous learning brings to them.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)HumanwearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors


Ry's collection is an embodiment of their recent reflections, delving into the objectification, internalization, and modernization of East Asian culture, as well as exploring the intricate connections between gender, love, and procreation. At its essence, Ry's work represents a personal expression of existential emotions.

Ry seeks to unravel and deconstruct the aesthetics and philosophy inherent in traditional costumes and artifacts of the East. Why do East Asians employ sharp upward-pointing angles in architecture, yet often incorporate drooping shoulders in clothing design? How do clothing and the human body interrelate from the East Asian perspective, in terms of support and envelopment? Perhaps by approaching Eastern culture with a similar mindset to Eastern painting, capturing only impressionistic elements, we can apprehend the subtle emotions and intentions embedded within East Asian garments.

Furthermore, Ry contemplates the establishment of new meanings in the face of life's inherent emptiness. As Maugham said in <The Painted Veil>, reflections people seek their 'Tao' through various means, maybe it is through this pursuit that humans come to gain perception of the authenticity of the world? 

The pursuit of people from various backgrounds depicted in the movie <Millennium Actress > becomes immense and passionate due to the flames ignited when Kiyohime entwines herself on the Great Bell of Dōjō-ji Temple.

Will Chiyoko's wait for her Godot come to an end with the decay of her physical form?? When we engage in the act of reproduction, what do we transmit? Are we perpetuating an endless cycle of waiting, pursuit, and infinite suffering through procreation?