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Fashion (MA)



“Instead of keeping on filling the world with stuff, what design strategies will allow us—humans—to lead more meaningful and environmentally responsible lives?” — Thackara, J. (2005) In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World

Fashion as a concept is flickering, showing throughout time how it operates as a reaction to current events. Clothes are the most intimate objects we own and the most obvious instrument for self-expression. They are a visual language.

Though society is taking small steps in the right direction, we must be wary that the current moment of inclusion doesn’t become a trend– it is the solution. We have an opportunity and responsibility to pave the way for generations to come. We must continually debate and discuss the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Action makes for change.

The human emotional body is evolving at a heightened pace compared to the rest of society and the world we know is still rooted in the binary. This is a world that can only see two, the two being a construction of what gender means. This is not the truth.

The world exists as a family built from strange pieces through which we must battle for our lives. We are fighting to be accepted, respected and loved. These are fundamental values that are not to be earned. They are our right.

Text: Sissel Kärneskog RCA FASHION MA 2020 alumni network.

Image Credit: Franziskus Poeschi