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Interior Design (MA)

Zijian Chen

How will our society change as human beings choose new modes of relationships other than families?

It is the year 2053 and people's perceptions of family have been redefined. With the population expanding, population aging, and negative population growth, our demographic structure is now changing unpredictably. Under the threat of climate crisis, energy scarcity, and food shortages, having one's own biological children is no longer a human obligation. The traditional family structure is replaced, people are now free to choose any other individuals as their relatives. The pattern of living together has also changed, with the phenomenon of parents supporting one or several children no longer the norm.

The Bloomsbury group was one of the pioneers of open relationships one hundred and forty years ago, and their unique way of being together at Charleston House was a precedent for a different kind of kinship. The use of the venue reflects on the state of their lives. Today, Charleston House is a place for the chosen families, to hold the Kin Festival, and a series of events are taking place there.

In 2053, people can create kinship as they wish, and the composition of kinship does not have to be relatives. Women do not have to bear children, and men can run households within the family. There is no longer a stereotypical view of living together, all relationships within the family become equal.

The festival is held in Charleston House in August 2053. The site sustains spatial and experiential exploration of alternative relationships. Here, we offer you a chance to create, share, meet others, and connect with people.


Based in Guangzhou and London.

Zijian Chen worked as an assistant curator and exhibition designer for five years. As an exhibition designer, he devotes to figuring out the relationship between curation and spatial design in an exhibition. Art is often discussed on a theoretical level, but it is also challenging to explore how art can be better presented through curation and design. 

status, demography, relationship
bloomsbury group
charleston house
reception diagram
reception 1
Reception 2
joint animation
furniture diagram
kin house
No. K.070.25-53The Browns group created a lovely pool in their house, with a slide connecting two floors.
individual house
No. I.920.01-24Mr. Yeung enjoyed the tranquil night in his house, where he could get rid of his busy daily work.
kin house
No. K.011.28-01Kin group Christophers just finished their meal and walked upstair for a party, they quite liked to continue their joy.