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Service Design (MA)

Zhenni Yu

Entice young consumers to join the recycle in exchange for a surprise prize or a specific amount of reward.

Build the recycling relationship between consumers and brands through convenient recycling services and equipment.

Glass as a single sale of packaging, it has the best recyclability and durability

The necessary packaging information will be imprinted on the bottle body, do not affect the reuse. 

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, First floor

impact and service system map

Through interviews, field visits and questionnaires, I found that China's beverage packaging recycling is facing Recycle in silos,Procedure Struggle,and Cost overload.

My service proposition piloted in shanghai ,designed for beverage brands ,local merchant and youth who lack environemtal behavior.

Lacking environmental behavior which leads to low participation rates,we need to finda way to Attract users to join the recycling package,Based on the existing ways to improve users' environmental behavior, I found that the sense of experience of recycling and the relevant profit drive are very important for users.

We need to Help brands to establish a direct recycling system with consumers that is no longer completely dependent on suppliers, and reduce the Loss rate of recycled material in process . According to the existing model of several beverage brands,none of them have a recycling system that is efficient and self-interested for both brands and user.So it is necessary to provide users with offline recycling devices and direct place online orders to recycle non-single brand packaging

 We also need to use fewer materials per package, using 100% reused materials 

First of all, we sell unlabeled glass drinks to local merchant and individual young consumers. We encourage them to participate in the recycling of glass beverage bottles by providing them with merchandise benefits and free artistic recycling boxes which Sponsored by brands and printed with brands advertisement.We don't do packaging production, all drinks are purchased from brands .We provide direct recycling and virtual packaging design services for brands.Here, R to the third can drive a unique value by providing beverage brands with positive publicity opportunities, integrating sales and recycling into a closed loop with users.Our revenue comes from selling unlabeled glass beverages to individual consumers and merchant.Beverage Brands can also pay for the rights to a certain number of recycled boxes, on which they can place specific ads.We will also recycle the beverage packaging sold through the platform and sell it back to the brand with the lowest price.

However, the biggest pain point of our platform is that it only serves brands capable (k pe bol)of producing glass bottle packaging, so it has certain brand limitations, and transportation costs also account for a large proportion of the cost