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Design Products (MA)

Zhengxi Piao

Zhengxi Piao is a designer and artist who holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Master's degree in Design Products from the Royal College of Art. Zhengxi's enthusiasm for art and design spans multiple areas, including architecture design, product design, installations, painting, and fashion. He believes that all forms of art and design are inherently interconnected and is therefore continually seeking different practice opportunities within the creative industry.

While completing his Bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto, Zhengxi co-founded the streetwear brand SECULAR with Christopher Panneflek. The brand served not only as a platform for Zhengxi to express his design passions beyond architecture but also provided him with valuable experience in running a creative company. After graduating in 2021, Zhengxi moved to Beijing, where he created pop art paintings in his studio for a year. He then attended the Royal College of Art to study product design, seeking a different design perspective.

As a designer, Zhengxi pursues both aesthetic appeal and thoughtful design in his work. He believes that a successful design should possess these qualities at the very least.

A side image of myself in the studio

I believe that the role of a designer inherently spans across multiple disciplines, producing works that constantly evolve with the designer's expanding experience. It's my goal to leverage skills from various fields, thereby cultivating a broader vision that enables the creation of superior works. My design interests aren't confined to a single area; rather, the exploration of new territories continually drives me to acquire more skills and insights.

A photo of the installation
A close-up image of the printer and the news
A photo of the installation's whole system
A photo of the software for the installation
A photo of generated rumours
A photo of generated rumours
A photo of generated rumours
A participant holding her fake news
A participant holding her AI-generated rumourTitle: "Casual Theft at Luxury Store: Young Woman in Focus", Text: "A young Asian woman with an eerily calm demeanour was caught on surveillance footage causally shoplifting at a luxury store. Her bold, unflinching gaze directly at the camera as she nonchalantly picks up high-end goods has made her the talk of the town. The police have launched an immediate investigation to apprehend her. This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the audacity of some criminals."