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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Zeyin Ru

Zeyin Ru (b. 1998), is a comedy artist based in China. He focuses on social media and public conflicts, attempting to find humorous interpretations. His work includes performance and mixed media.

two hands, clapping

This project is my thoughts and experiments on the current hot topic of AI. As someone who usually gets into creating art for video games, I have seen many discussions about AI painting replacing game artists. I constantly questioned myself: will AI really replace humans? This question was the starting point for the beginning of my project.

My performance practice focused on some embarrassing and silencing scenes and movements. I believe these gestures of ants in one’s pants moments can better convey my view.

At the same time, I attempted to train ChatGPT, developing a "ME", telling it about my life and my way of thinking, constantly correcting the robotic responses it gave, and using this "ME" to create a completely fake social account.

In the somewhat comical atmosphere of this project, I still try to find the answer to the question: will AI replace us?

Recording: Artificial IntelligenceRecording of a process of training an artificial creation to stand up


7 minutes 40 seconds
Instagram QR code
Real_Zeyin_RuA social account consisting of a cardboard and a trained ChatGpt