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Design Products (MA)

Zerun Feng

Metal Surface
Table Surface of Double High Stool Table

Double High Stool Table

The double high stool table is designed to be fastened on street lamp poles on the edge of the green which is an area that has not been efficiently used but has been full of warning notes and rubbish. It needs 2 users to smoothly use by stepping on the pedals and using leverage to lift the table surface to 90 degrees for use. The table won’t hold its angle if users step off the pedal which brings it the features of can be cleaned by rain and wouldn’t be covered by bottles and packages.

2 People Step On Pedals
Users Step On Pedals
Medal Parts
Pedal and Leverage of the Table




Table Surface with Metal Parts
Table Surface of Triple High Stool Table

Triple High Stool Table

The Triple High Stool Table is a small stool table which can be used by 1 to 3 users, but more users bring a bigger surface for holding more items. By using the mechanism of the hi-hat stand’s spring, the surface of the table can be pulled down while the user step on the pedal. The table won’t hold its angle if users step off the pedal which brings it the features of can be cleaned by rain and wouldn’t be covered by bottles and packages.

3 People Step On Pedals
Users Step On Pedals
Wood Table Surface and Metal Parts
Leverage of Table Surface


Wood, Steel


Two Holding Hands
Prototype of Handlet for Hand-sweaters


I wanted to find a soft and polite way to create space for sweaty hands. The prototype is an experiment with the possibility that jewellery can naturally not only show out a statement but also brings a better holding hand experience to the user., it was more focused on form and experience, factors like aesthetics, material, details, etc are not this stage's focus.





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User Licking the Product
Ways of Using HIV Self-test Condom

HIV Self-test Condom

I have been curious about the similar feature between Rapid Covid-19 (Antigen) Self-Test cassette and the pregnant test cassette for while since I got Covid. I wondered if there is any possibility that I use Lateral flow as one of the materials and combine it with another material that in different function but in the same context. 

Although as a period product, the sanitary towel is related to contexts like Gynecologicalal medical context, it's still a product used frequently in a period monthly(in most cases), which is not fit the Lateral flow's context of frequency of tests needing. But Lateral Flow's feature of medical usage makes me linked to another medical testing context. Testing is about getting information unseen, it made me relate to sex, which is an experience that contains joy and risk. So I've researched existing testing methods for venereal diseases, and then I found home testing by Lateral Flow is doable for testing HIV.

Due to the need for a small pack of condoms using context and HIV testing which can be provided in Lateral flow testing and shares similar scenes to be used, I tried to combine these two products. The product contains mint as a way to engage users to lick the condom package and use their teeth to open it, so the user's saliva can be the sample and tested.


Condom, Mint, Pregnant Self-test


User Wearing Mask
Way of Wearing Breath Vapour Collector

Breath Vapour Collector

To experiment and support my research context of cyclists' body feeling changes while riding for commuting, I made a measuring devices for measuring cyclist's breathing while commuting.


Mask, Glass Rod, Plastic Funnel


Wearables for Commuting Cyclist
Commuting Cyclist Set

Commuting Cyclist Set

The project is about providing a more comfortable cycle commuting experience through wearables. The 3 outcomes of the project are Mask for dealing with runny nose, Airbags for dealing with backpack sweat and Thigh Cover for dealing with midway rain.

User with Mask
Mask of Heating Breath In Air
Backpack with Strip
Airbag of Lifting Backpack
User with Wearable Product On Bike
Thigh Cover of Blocking Rain


Silicone, Neopvene, Air Wedges, Strip and Buckle, Nylon, Elastic Band

Zerun Feng(冯泽润) is a multi-disciplinary designer and a minimalist who was born in the Northeast of China and currently lives in Shenzhen. He materialises his design through sewing, digital-aided cutting, smithing, spraying, printing, etc.


Product Design, Glasgow School of Art, 2019-2022

International Foundation, Glasgow School of Art, 2018-2019

Art, Shenzhen Fine Art School, 2015-2018

Photo of Face

Zerun is interested in designing ways of interaction between people through physical materials, believes in the power of face-to-face interactions and body contact between human beings, and is aware of the confidence of screens in nowadays' social life.

He aims to be a designer as well as a researcher who uses Design Thinking as a tool to critically understand and reflect on contemporary social life. He thinks we always look forward to nowadays' rapid development, and missed a lot of opportunities and possibilities in our unconscious actions. By paying attention to our homes, the nearby and every detail of our daily lives, these potentials are so ready to be discovered.