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Service Design (MA)

Cynthia Yuqing Pan

VOCAL is a service that aims to help craft authentic travel experiences for individuals seeking to delve into the local culture and lifestyle of their travel destination. By allowing the travelers to hear the real and genuine local voices and recommendations, VOCAL is dedicated to create unforgettable and authentic travel memories that go beyond mere sightseeing.

Cynthia Pan MA2 Service Design

Cynthia is a multi-disciplinary service designer with specialized experience in digital media, inventive technologies, and design research. 

Prior to her Service Design learning at RCA, She studied Interactive Arts and Technology in Vancouver Canada. This experience equipped her with extensive knowledge and practical experience in user experience design as well as the application of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Extended Realities, and programming languages. Her MA Service Design learning at RCA further deepened her understanding of how technology impacts human society and the importance of a human-oriented approach in design. 

Coupled with her strong desire to impact the future of society positively, Cynthia is dedicated to innovate and develop new processes and services that are futuristic and human-oriented. 

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