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Fashion (MA)

Yujia Liang

Yujia Liang, a Chinese fashion accessories designer, graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion. Her passion for accessories ignited during her undergraduate studies and flourished throughout her postgraduate journey. By exploring various design disciplines and delving into the emotions and concepts of functional design, she continuously seeks new possibilities within the accessory design.

During her studies at the Royal College of Art, Yujia Liang gained rich exposure to the content and form of accessory design. This exposure fostered an appreciation for the diversity that exists in the field of accessories and inspired her to push boundaries and explore unconventional design avenues, giving her a deep appreciation for the infinite diversity of content and form in the field of accessory design.

Yujia Liang is committed to exploring different aspects of fashion accessories, blending practicality and aesthetics in her designs. She hopes to demonstrate a thoughtful and insightful understanding of the interconnectedness of accessories, people, and society.

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"In an information-rich world, the only scarce resource is the human attention span. The world is teeming with tricks, and it is more important to screen information than to accumulate it." Let's ponder on how people should navigate information screening in this complex age, amidst a wave of information diversity.

We find ourselves in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. It is a time when almost everyone hungrily browses various social media platforms and follows the events unfolding in every corner of the planet. The overwhelming influx of information not only burdens our consciousness but also affects our senses, manifesting itself from every angle. Under the influence of manipulated information, both our consciousness and our body gradually become entangled, and even our criteria for judging things seem to rely more on internet references than self-knowledge.

My aim is to express the prevalence of information overload in today's society. The constant bombardment of information overwhelms our senses, creating a sense of being bound and kidnapped by a massive amount of data. This impact extends beyond our consciousness, affecting our physical and mental state, leading us to rely on online thinking as a reference rather than cultivating self-awareness. To symbolize this bondage, I have chosen to create armor accessories that firmly attach to the body.

Through this visual representation, I hope to initiate a conversation about the profound impact of information overload and inspire contemplation on how we can effectively manage and prioritize it.



Silicone, Wire, Leather