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Fashion (MA)

Yingfei Wang 靠靠

Yingfei Wang, a London-based accessory artist, hails from Shanghai, China.

Yingfei graduated from Donghua University with a BA in Product Design. She possesses exceptional modeling skills and a deep practical understanding of the raw materials and manufacturing processes involved in creating products. These skills have laid a strong foundation for her MA studies at Royal College of Art. Driven by her passion for fashion, she pursued interdisciplinary studies with Fashion as her major focus. With a talent for brainstorming and efficient visualization using software, she excels at capturing desired effects. She confidently participates in material testing sessions, skillfully combining modeling techniques with handicraft to achieve highly accurate reproductions.

Her love for nature fuels her creative inspiration, leading to a significant presence of natural elements in her works. Custom metal, in combination with vegetable-tanned leather, serves as her preferred medium to bring physical objects to life in her designs.

Life photos during the research

What Nature Means to Humanity?

  • Beauty and Aesthetics
  • Connection and Belonging
  • Restoration and Well-being
  • Spiritual and Cultural Significance
  • Environmental Awareness and Conservation

In recent years, terms such as "return to idyllic living," "sojourners," and "digital nomads" have gained visibility in the public sphere. The fast pace of urban life, coupled with constant noise, traffic, pollution, and overcrowding, takes a toll on the physical and mental well-being of city dwellers. Particularly during epidemics, people find themselves confined to their homes, increasing their yearning for nature. This growing yearning showcases the potent healing power of nature.

With this understanding, the olive was chosen as the central theme after conducting field research in Spain, Portugal, and Southern France. The olive's longevity, resilience, and cultural significance establish it as a crucial component of the region's natural and cultural heritage. Consequently, the olive was chosen as the emblematic symbol for my theme.Taking environmental considerations into account, I opted for vegetable-tanned leather as the primary material. After extensive material testing, I leveraged the malleability of the leather to create the pattern design, resulting in an organic and spontaneous effect. Furthermore, the bag body was combined with custom olive metal accents. It is worth noting that the bag's tag is crafted from seed paper, promoting eco-friendliness. By removing the tag and placing it in a petri dish, the seeds embedded within can be cultivated.

The project aims to inspire individuals to delve into the spiritual realm and establish a deeper connection with nature.

The set-up scene
The set-up scene
Handbag style
details of handbag
Modeling and Rendering
Document bag
details of document bag
lining ,cyanotype
lino carving and laether dye
leather press
business card