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Fashion (MA)

Yi-rue Jin

Yiru Jin is a Chinese designer and editorialist who is attentive to the subtle sensations around the body and dedicated to exploring the subtle reactions between objective and subjective consciousness.

She uses family as one of her main sources of inspiration. Through the use and exploration of family objects and family-related elements, she searches for small traces of human interaction with the world and explores the question of "where do I exist". The original context of things is faded, resetting ways of communication, habits and places of being.

As a former text editor and print maker, her design, photography and video work reflect a rational understanding and perception of abstract experience. In her various creations, the desire to keep looking and feeling in the context of the space of another world is always present.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)PerformanceRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

Dividing and adding space mirrors

Newly written old letters

"Goodbye to your sincere care. Please believe that I do not like you, and do not think that I still love you." 

--Old letter from my grandfather to my grandmother

We begin our journey towards death as soon as we are born, burned to ashes and dissipated with the smoke of the air. But in a way we disappear and yet we live forever.

I think Having a family history is important for all of us. It is an important part of self-identity and helps us to better explain ourselves. My project is about finding my own identity and want to creat a new way of Expression and communication.

I believe that my grandfather is still alive in every brick he touched, every word he wrote, every plant he planted. I try to find a way to communicate with him, a bridge to build before life and death. I looked for him in the words and the dust, I communicated with him in the flames, I felt him in the air around my body, caressing my shoulders and arms with the sway of the fabric. I look for him and I look for myself.

frist video cover
The sun and the wind hasten the evaporation of the water, and the clothes close to my body along with my handwritten letter will bring you.
Let the wind carry my words


Wearing a screen
Wearing a screenThe screen never completely blocks the space, but planners light and natural wind direction, always responding to the needs of people in the space. Square dress represent a kind of screen that can be worn. By wearing it, I feel the adjustment of the screen to the air around my body. The interaction of the mirror with the candlelight is an express
Wearing a screenMirror: Self-identity Candle: Time Clothes: Screen


video(Garments, Mirror,Candles,Dirt)
new language cover
A new language created from my grandfather's special way of writing. It's like hearing his voice
new language


paper work, Calligraphy
I communicate with you cover
I communicate with youThe language in my head and the time it takes me to deliver it.
The time I spend talking to you


video(Candles,Automatic writing machine)
Newly written old letterAfter you left, I explored the places where you existed. I miss you while I feel you. I feel the world while I feel the presence.


a s k
Handwritten letter from my grandfather
New text alignment rules
handwriting 3
Term 2
Term 2
Making candles
Making candles
Garments fitting
Garments fitting
video plan
Candle process
Exploration process, paper work


paper work