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Fashion (MA)

Xiaojie Sun 孙小捷

Xiaojie Sun is a Chinese designer, multi-discipline explorer, stylist, and model based in London. She graduated from the China Academy of Art with BA.

She is constantly exploring the possibilities of clothing with other objects in life and defines herself as more than a fashion designer.

She puts into practice her thoughts and relationships with the details of life and nature, incorporating her thoughts on the social environment and how the world operates, trying to guide users to confront objects that they can get in touch with and feel emotionally within an immersive and multi-dimensional way, intensifying people's experiences and feelings towards clothes, making them last longer and extreme their companionship properties.

The one-year programme was short and quick, but it gave her a clearer vision of her path and she will continue and complete this practice, combining changeable, multifunctional, and multi-experiential pieces with furniture, installations, and accessories, and seeking a variety of representations between them and media.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)PerformanceRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

Image of dancers dressed in the installation, among the weaving pedestrians.

The project is in the context of frenetic social media and fast fashion posture activities, where clothes are more often selected to attract attention, quickly photographed to draw traffic, and then left unused or discarded.

The distance between clothes and people seems to be parallel without intersection, and the infinite possibilities of the appealing structures and materials of clothes seem to have no communication with people’s spirit and being.

The flexible and adjustable medium in the form of the clothes gives the participants the opportunity to explore a variety of structures and wears, and places them in a 'human labyrinth', allowing them to experience the process of 'looking, meeting, recognizing, missing, choosing and passing' between people and structures, eventually, people find a way out and fit their body. 

To enhance and prolong the sense of experience and time that participants spend with garments, the installation is intended to lead participants to rethink the intimate relationship between the body and the traditional garment and to re-address the relationship between overexposure and the presentation of one's identity.

A still photo of street performance
A still photo of street performance
A still detailed photo of street performance
A still detailed photo of street performance
A still detailed photo of street performance moment
The leather hood in many variations of presentation
The leather hood in many variations of presentation
Experimentation with multiple states of presentation of the hood
Details of the hood and alteration process


Leather, metal lever


According to body
Ongoing experiments in spatial settings and sketches
Further experiments in spatial settings and sketches
Folding structure collar
Experiments on how levers change structure
The idea of a "revolutionary, uprising" by using the lever to hang and drive the fabric