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Design Products (MA)

Yining Wang

Yining Wang is a product/interaction designer who believes that design should be people-oriented.

During her undergraduate studies, Yining was committed to creating a better life experience for people through the combination of product and service design. During her postgraduate studies, she covered more fields and learned more forms of art, and at the same time, she has always pursued the principle of people-oriented.

In more time, she focuses on solving practical problems by realizing more interactions between users and products. For her, design permeates every corner of life, life needs design, and design comes from life.

Portrait image of Yining Wang.

"More than 2.2 billion people worldwide are visually impaired."

"The average office worker spends close to 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer."

"More than 90% of occupational diseases originate from improper sitting posture."

"Quiet Post" is a laptop stand that senses the distance between the user and the laptop screen and corrects the sitting posture.

When the laptop is placed on the stand, the product is turned on through the gravity sensing device. It uses an ultrasonic distance sensor to monitor the distance between the user and the laptop screen in real time. When the distance between the human eye and the laptop screen exceeds the appropriate range, the indicator light will light up in red to remind the user that the distance is too close or too far and the sitting posture needs to be adjusted. Moreover, in order to cooperate with the use of office scenes, the prompt method is designed as an indicator light prompt instead of sound, so as not to disturb others.When the user is completely away from the laptop, the product goes into sleep mode.

Compared with software monitored by cameras, hardware products are more secure and practical; for those users who choose to use a cover sticker to cover the laptop's camera when not in use for security reasons, but want to better maintain their sitting posture and protect their eyes, this laptop stand with distance sensor undoubtedly a better choice.

Side 45 degree view of "Quiet Post".
Side view of "Quiet Post".