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Information Experience Design (MA)

Yijun Chen

Yijun Chen is an interdisciplinary designer currently studying Information Experience Design at RCA.

With a background in digital media art, Yijun's work is often based on moving image, conceptual video, installation art and creative coding. Bringing art and science together, she uses moving image and installation art to create interdisciplinary critical interrogations of social phenomena.


Yijun Chen is currently exploring the relationship between art and algorithm, with artificial intelligence as a point of convergence. Her latest project is Calling No. 506.

With the advent of the information age, human use of data has generated convenience, while presenting simultaneous challenges to human freedom.

Calling No.506 is a moving image artwork exploring the outcomes and implications of environmental news as filtered through and constructed by artificial intelligence algorithms. The project is a critique of the news model, continuous with a propaganda construction model, in which power holders and stakeholders use search engine algorithms to manipulate the dissemination of environmental news.

Project Introduction

In the post-information age, is the real natural environment what we see through the media?

What is the relationship between human and algorithms and environment?

Should humans have less freedom to understand nature under the operation of algorithms?

Project Aim

Critique the social phenomenon of power and stakeholder use of search engine algorithms to report and manipulate environmental news.

Let audience understand that the information cocoons of environmental news produced in the propaganda model is surrounded by everyone.

Research Conclusion

The Propaganda model of journalism exposes the incomplete and misunderstanding environmental news that people receive through the mass media, and the information cocoons of environmental news produced by the propaganda model that surrounds everyone.



Moving Image


3'50", 1920*1080