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Information Experience Design (MA)

Yihui Guan

Yihui Guan is a visual communicator and art creator. She has a background in Visual Communication Design. Currently, she is committed to exploring how to change the directional input and break the information cocoon in the era of big data, to perceive and explore the diversity of information. Her aim is to stimulate discussions, and to engage and interact with her audience through their participation, by designing playful experiences, combining physical with digital environments. 

Her limitless curiosity to experiment with different media and materials, has been cultivated further since Yihui started her masters at the Royal College of Art in 2021. Since then her main interests have revolved around transforming information into experiences through interactive installations, images and sound.

The Greatest Conversation Ever - IRCAM forum workshop 2022, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR

Interaction with Music Streaming Web Pages

This is a web prototype for music streaming. It presents information visualization, a navigation based on exploration and serendipity, inspired by the concept of bounded chaos. This is also a new way of information retrieval and information interaction. It emphasizes a moderate breaking of the original order in the digital space so as to establish an information system that prioritizes serendipity, playfulness and creativity. Increase the chances of users encountering information and enable users to experience the fluidity of information more freely. The purpose is to change the way of searching for information in the past, no longer based on a perfect single and narrow result. 

At the same time, this is also a human-centered information system that emphasizes autonomy, allowing users to establish their own connections in the information space. Because of the deliberate compact placement of music by artist, region and time, people are motivated to track down other musics within areas they would normally not look so that inspire people to explore the world of popular music and discover music outside their comfort zone.

Webpage 1The first way to explore is to categorize the songs by artist name. The first webpage differs from other music websites in that it breaks the alphabetical order, while still allowing users to see adjacent letters floating around when they select a particular audio. This method not only breaks the original order but also meets the requirement of highlighting the adjacency.
Webpage 2The second way to explore is by classifying the songs by time. In the second webpage, when the users manipulate the timeline with gestures, the upper left corner of the page will change with the movement of the gestures. When the user hovers on a specific image, the music will be played and people will see a specific release date.
Webpage 3The third way to explore is divided by geography. Compared with the first two webpages, the third one plays in the form of MV, with the aim of enriching and optimizing the information. Users explore the popular music of different continents by rotating the globe, while learning about the overall popular music style of the different continents and the specific genre of each song.
Final work
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