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Visual Communication (MA)

Yating Yu

Yating Yu is from China and graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramics University in 2017. During her time there, she represented the university in conducting a year-long research project on how ceramic design and graphic design can be integrated at Dankook University in Korea. 

Yating explores the boundaries of graphic design. She blends different graphic and media approaches to communicate messages and give a voice to society and individuals.

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As a woman I refuse to be labeled. I use Chinese characters and notions of feminism as a starting point for my work, hoping that people can see the plight of women in the dismantling and deconstruction of Chinese characters. 

As a Chinese woman, I reject regional discrimination and false news in the media. I create books and interactive installations for people who are plagued by information cocoons and are unaware of them. I hope that I can burst their bubbles and help them to see the world in an objective, critical way. In my work, I try to visualize the process of plant healing in an interactive way, thus exploring the relationship between the female psyche and plants.

Interaction effect elements
Interaction effect elements
Interaction effect 1
Interaction effect 1
Interaction effect 2
Interaction effect 2


This is a project exploring the relationship between women's mental health and plants.

Women are at a higher risk of depression than men during several stages of their lives, including adolescence, PMS, pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause and menopause. These are times often accompanied by hormonal fluctuations. 

The visual and olfactory parts of this project combine the scent molecules corresponding to  different plants with the hormonal fluctuations that accompany womens’ cycles at different times,  in an attempt to visualize a plant healing method, thus creating a visual system. I have selected five plants with healing properties: snake plant, eucalyptus, aloe vera, peace lily and lavender.

This project aims to encourage women to be brave enough to speak out about their experiences and call society's attention to women's psychological problems.

Book design
book design

Book description

These booklets document the healing methods of the different plants. When viewers interact with the plants and view the screen responses, they can refer to the methods in the booklet and at the same time their interaction will be visually recorded in the form of a healing molecule.