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Visual Communication (MA)

Yaoyu Lin

Yaoyu Lin is a graphic designer but now is exploring further integrated forms of communication design.


My current project is concerned with readjusting group dynamics and relations through language. 

When I moved to another country and culture, it affected me in the sense that I became more culturally tolerant, or rather, the ability to see the multidimensional world was increasing. But the truth is that the dualistic environment is always there and The space in-between is very small. I believe this is a wider issue than my own experiences. Assimilation and exclusion are at play. The idea that everyone is different is not used to embrace but to push away. I hope to gain a freedom from either/or decisions. 

This is the 'RU规则LES' shaped by my personal experiences and the rules of Immigration.
This is a sculpture made from the text generated in the last workshop.
Dictionary of previous workshops.
Documentation of the last workshop.

I set up a workshop designed based on collaboration with the audience.

It explores the possibility of simulating the production of a hybrid language. In it, we can observe the fluidity of language and the disappearance of monolingualism.


The complexity of the text, the uniqueness of the instructions and the opportunity to participate are part of “ACCESSS”. The artist has only partial control over the new text that is ultimately produced, and the audience shapes the experience according to their own personal choices. 

This is the language rules created from my personal experience. It is also the Text Bank of 'ACCESS'.


Audience, texts, rules and half an hour