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Service Design (MA)


The project is trying to deliver a stress-free journey for families by addressing the challenges of extended wait times, boredom, and potential tantrums. 

Through our optimized charging resource allocation system, families can bid farewell to lengthy wait times and queues at service stations. Additionally, our service endeavors to convert chaotic moments into opportunities for tranquility and connection, offering engaging and entertaining activities that keep children happily occupied throughout the journey. This cultivates meaningful engagement and fosters lasting memories for families.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors


I am XUANFEI YI, a service design and user experience designer.

I am currently exploring different fields such as service and experience design, brand/design strategy, project management, and marketing communication to connect businesses, products, and users at various levels. By comprehensively applying knowledge and skills from these areas, I am dedicated to designing resonant holistic experiences and solutions.

Currently, my research interests are focused on the family road travel experience and charging experience optimization for new energy electric vehicles. I believe that new energy electric vehicles have tremendous potential in the future market and hold significant research value in enhancing the family road travel experience and optimizing the charging process.

My professional vision is to provide users with more comfortable, convenient, and intelligent family road travel experiences in new energy electric vehicles through innovative design solutions. Additionally, I aim to optimize the charging process, addressing users' range anxiety and waiting time concerns. Through my design work, I aspire to create more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable modes of transportation, contributing to the widespread adoption of new energy vehicles and the development of sustainable mobility in the future.



 Master of Service Design, Royal College of Art, 2022 - 2023

Product Design, China academy of Art, 2016 - 2020

Design background
Design methods