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Information Experience Design (MA)

Xinyuan jiang

Xinyuan Jiang is a multimedia designer from China. Most of her projects are related to the future. Through interactive technology, digital art, and artificial intelligence, she creates an imaginary world about the future, trying to arouse people's discussion, reflection and attention.

In this project, she transforms herself into a seer, creating a terrifying future and recreating a futuristic auction.


When reflecting on the relationship between man and nature, most of my thinking is bound by anthropocentrism.

Is man the center of the universe?

Is man the purpose of everything in the universe?

Should we explain or evaluate everything in the universe according to human values?

So after breaking through this layer of shackles, I created this work, hoping to invite the audience to experience this process together through it. When we are no longer at the top of the pyramid, can we accept being treated equally.

What do you think of the term "Anthropocene"? In my opinion, this word is the reflection of anthropocentrism, which is full of human destruction of the environment, as well as human arrogance, and at the same time, with some fear of the future.

My current project weaves the destruction of the current environment and the arrival of new super creatures in the future into a future auction. In this auction, human beings fall from the altar of anthropocentrism, and the audience will be forced to experience the feeling of being used as tools and commodities from the perspective of other creatures.

Launch Project
Post - human Auction - Video
Future Auction
The Story Background In the future, human beings will no longer adapt to the earth's environment. Humans will actively evolve to seek ways to survive, but they still cannot shake the rule of mysterious creatures in the future. Therefore, human beings fall from the top of the biological chain and become the playthings of future rulers. Therefore, in this auction, human beings are randomly modified by future creatures and auctioned as commodities
Future species
AuctioneerThe future ruler
Future human
Lots CatalogingIn the future, human beings become commodities and are transformed and traded
This is another form of exhibition