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Fashion (MA)

Xintong Qin OT

OT is the creative force behind Xintong Qin-a London-based frog witch wandering/sometimes farm-crawling between city and nature.˂⁽ˈ₍ ⁾˲₎₌

She has resided in a range of small farms while learning and practicing permaculture. Using found objects as well as natural materials to craft occult and erotic artworks, she is on a quest to build her own tiny, whimsical world, one where she is free to relax and explore the hidden realms of nature.(๑˘ ˘๑)

OT's work has been showcased at: Faerie Rampage: is a syncretised performing encounter (Milano, 2023); 'Entrée: WIP 2023' at the Royal College of Arts (London, 2023); Suck Green and See (Serial zines 2021 issue1 and 2022 issue 2 ) displaying and selling in (London)Photographer Gallery Bookshop, Burley Fisher, Books Peckham, The Common Press, Waste Store London, Photo book cafe; Librairie sans titre(Paris); Toutoune Gallery(Toronto); BIFT Menswear fashion show BASEMENT 1 (Beijing 2019)

Forest ecosystem 𓃠𓃰𓃱𓃯𓃵𓃟

A frog person working in the natureଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

Her inspiration is from nature and some folk artworks. She thinks folk artists all have magic energy from nature. They do not have professional and academic art experiences but they all have amazing energy to create marvellous and vivid artworks. 

She is always exploring how she could work and create closer to the fields, so she tried to work and learn about permaculture on small organic farms in different parts of the UK and made random creations using the materials available on the farms. For this reason, she needs to follow the season, each time she can find the material is different; When she goes back to the city, she will collect dry garbage and second-hand clothes to make paper toys and costumes, which she will first present in the form of illustrations, and then make physical objects. she has self-publishing small zine “Suck Green and See” to collect all her nature work stories, and she has made it to the third issue.

 cover of issue 1
moss dyeing
epping forest
cover of issue 2
edible dishes
moss dying
dog fly cover of issue 3
dogs lick butt installations
pavement and frog
no one bites you if they do not think scary
puppet riot performance
puppet riot performance
all the page of issue 3