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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Xiaoran Feng

Xiaoran Feng (b.1998, Dalian) received her BFA in Visual Communication Design from Tsinghua University in Beijing. Studying an MA in Contemporary Art Practice - Moving Image at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesContemporary Art Practice (MA)Moving ImageRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Artist's Gaze

The exploration of our surroundings is the core of Xiaoran Feng‘s practice, working with moving images, photography, and sound. She explores the relationship between pseudo-environment and the relative reality through sounds and images. Her practice has been to create various compositional worlds by observing and sounds collecting. Many of the messages that exist around us in sound are inconspicuous, but are also part of the world. Through recombining, they inspire us to reconnect with the world as we perceive it. 

A white spot of the badminton court.
Launch Project
THEM IThis film tells the story of a pair of badminton shoes works in an enclosed pitch, but fantasizes about the life it aspires to beyond its reach. It aims to criticize the exploitation of labor and the neglect of labor values under capitalism. Please click on the image to watch the full video.
Texture on the surface of the shoes.
IPhotography, 2659 × 3989
Texture on the surface of the shoes.
IIPhotography, 3869 × 2579
Texture on the surface of the shoes.
IIIPhotography, 2733 × 4100
Texture on the surface of the shoes.
IVPhotography, 2487 × 3316
Texture on the surface of the shoes.
VPhotography, 2744 × 4116
Photography, 3129 × 4694
Photography, 4000 × 6000
Photography, 1839 × 2759


These photographs are of the shoes of people working in different occupations, defined as work shoes. The close-ups magnify the signs of overuse and neglect of the shoes. The aim is to cry out against the inequalities of labour and to express the neglect within it.

A pair of barista's shoes is stuck under a fence.
Photography, 2632 × 1478
A pair of barista's shoes is playing with the rides.
Photography, 2632 × 1480
A pair of barista's shoes on the bench.
Photography, 888 × 1518
A pair of barista's shoes is watching a group of children playing the football.
Photography, 2638 × 1486


This group of photographs is a brief description of a pair of shoes desire to have joy and life, defined as a barista's working shoe with a surface covered in coffee powder.