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Service Design (MA)

Xiaomeng Yu 于晓萌

Hi, this is Yu Xiaomeng (Mona) a service designer. I have two years of working experience in a sustainable design consulting company, during which I provided sustainable development program consulting, event planning, and program proposal for Beijing Indigo, Jinfeng Technology, China Mengniu Dairy Co, Vanke Co, and other organizations and listed companies.

Main Direction: Sustainable design, Systems Design, Social Innovation Design, and User Experience.

The Feild of Experience: Industry (platform) systematic research and sustainable process upgrading, SDGs13 climate action-related issues research, community systems research, and social innovative solution design.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

Individual Picture

Grasp global trends and gain insight into specific communities. In the ever-changing tide of The Times, use the designer's eyes to find the real needs and do the real design.


Dairy Dream aims to break down the cognitive barrier between sustainable dairy farms and consumers, seeking a solution to attract consumers to understand the value of sustainable dairy and finally achieve our goal of creating conversations between farmers and consumers and helping farmers continue sustainable practices with financial and spiritual support.

As sustainable dairy farm transformation is a complex and long-term process, dairy farmers are frustrated by the financial pressure of transformation, and the public does not understand and value their efforts. At the same time, many people still love dairy products but feel guilty and ashamed while consuming milk due to the negative information they get from social media.

Therefore, our goal is to enable the farmer and consumer sides to see each other better, establish a more transparent communication mechanism, and make consumers a part of the transformation of a sustainable Dairy industry and work towards a more sustainable future.



Dairy is one of the most natural products in our daily life. They exist in our lives in various forms.

However, it has always been a controversial topic on milk...

Behind a glass of milk, the dairy industry is much more complicated than you think. It creates over 3 million jobs and provides important nutrition to 6 billion people across the globe. Without cows, the balance of the natural biodiversity will be destroyed too.

Perhaps also seeing this irreplaceable role of the dairy industry, many governments, including the UK, have announced several policies, expecting dairy farmers to transform into sustainable farms while maintaining the capacity of dairy products within a limited time.

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the transformation journey of Sustainable dairy farms
Problem Statement & How Might We
Early Concept


In our dairy dream, we hope to use sustainable coffee shops in the community as a touchpoint to provide people with a new choice of sustainable milk when they consume coffee daily. And through our innovative strategy, we can attract consumers to understand the value of sustainable dairy. Our goal is to create conversations between farmers and consumers and to help farmers continue sustainable practices on an economic and spiritual level.

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Background Research
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