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Design Products (MA)

Xiaoli Yang

"Cha" Time is a unique Mahjong set that is crafted using 100% natural tea waste powder, making it a sustainable choice. The biodegradable nature of this material guarantees its natural decomposition once its lifespan is complete. In addition to providing entertainment, this Mahjong set showcases the combination of environmental consciousness and innovative thinking.

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I'm Xiaoli Yang, a product designer. I graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, where I honed my design skills during my undergraduate studies. Later, I went to London to pursue further education at the Royal College of Art, expanding my design perspective. As a designer, I am passionate about the theme of sustainable development and focus on designing everyday items such as furniture and tableware to enhance the quality of life. I enjoy observing the beauty in everyday life and translating them into my own design creations. Through my designs, I aim to create aesthetically pleasing and functional products that bring more enjoyment to people's lives.

Material Experiment, media item 1
Final Product, media item 1
Final Product, media item 2
Final Product, media item 3
Final Product, media item 4
Final Product, media item 5