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Fashion (MA)

Wenke Ma

As an interdisciplinary student with a philosophical background in my undergraduate studies, my design practice has been deeply influenced and enriched by this foundation. This philosophical knowledge has provided me with a solid understanding and framework to explore various themes in my projects, which often revolve around philosophical, sociological, or political subjects. Through a logical and humanistic approach, I aim to develop these themes and sensitize the audience to the underlying concepts and ideas through design.

Throughout my involvement in the design and implementation of the RCA digital platform, I have constantly pondered and evaluated proposed solutions that seek to propel human society towards a better future. From the concept of Protopia to the decentralized vision of web 3.0, I intend to delve into the possibilities and inherent risks associated with their validity. In terms of practical implementation, I have chosen virtual media as my medium of exploration due to its flexibility, idealization, and lower environmental impact. The properties of virtual media serve as a bridge to what Plato referred to as the "world of ideas," allowing me to explore these options within an idealized dimension.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)DigitalRCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Second floor


In this project, I delve into the issues of decentralization and centralization within the context of the web3.0 vision. Web3.0 represents a new concept and vision for the internet world, aiming to establish a new internet ecosystem centered around the concept of decentralization. It seeks to address a series of problems caused by the concentration of power in large corporations and platforms under the web2.0 model. The development of blockchain technology provides the technical foundation for the realization of web3.0. However, whether web3.0 can truly achieve "decentralization" remains a political question.

In this project, I explore the subject matter from three distinct perspectives. The first perspective revolves around the idealized narrative of web3. The second perspective delves into the challenges and risks faced by a decentralized web3. And finally, the third perspective explores the potential avenues for the future of web3.

The idealized narrative of web3 encounters real-world challenges, as the influx of capital tends to establish a form of "centralization" to some extent. To express this crisis, I approach the relationship between power and land. In light of these circumstances, where does the path forward for web3 lie? After extensive scholarly research and reflection, I present the results of my contemplation in an academic paper, suggesting that web3 can serve as a pathway to Protopia.

Furthermore, I return to and delve deeper into the concept of decentralization itself. Is it achievable? Is it worth pursuing? Does it present a perfect solution to societal issues? Perhaps the answers to these questions can be found in the science fiction novel I have written or in its adaptation into a film.

Algae that take up space like crazyHaving studied the characteristics of capital, I use the metaphor of an invasive creature, which is profit-oriented, has a tendency to develop and reproduce itself, and has a strong capacity to reproduce. Algal blooms have the same characteristics, where The algae invade a new space and multiply rapidly, taking over the entire water area and causing the death and reduction of other organisms around it.
The 3d model grows automatically according to the algorithm
ModelWith the help of an algorithm, I built a dynamic 3D model to compare these, which is based on the logic that this organism is food oriented and rapidly reproduces in a space and takes over the entire space.
DAO(decentralized autonomous organization)
DAO is a special form of organization for web3, where there is no leadership in the DAO and all members vote fairly on important decisions. I compared the DAO to the ancient Greek system of direct democracy. I then applied the previously generated model to a 3D model of the ancient Greek hall, which was the place where the ancient Greek decision making meetings took place, and which was covered and destroyed by the aggressive green model.
Concept Film
I worked with the AI to present the story
Several ways to make videos with AI
Fragments of Power: The Crisis of the Green Spheres