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Wen Sun

the trend in cabin design
KeywordsThree key words to describe the trend in cabin design are customization, integration of diverse lifestyle scenarios, and flexible versatility. With the electrification of automobiles, cabins will undergo further transformations, and the future trend in cabin design will encompass customization, integration of various lifestyle scenarios, and flexible and diverse spatial solutions.
Flexible space layout
Family PartyFlexible space layout can support family members to engage in various types of activities and gatherings.
Lifestyle Integration
Lifestyle IntegrationResearch and observations have revealed that users are gradually incorporating certain life activities into electric vehicles. The interior cabin needs to embrace this trend and gradually become a complement to the home.
center armrest island
center armrest island
center armrest island
center armrest island

This cabin design is created for family vehicles, catering to the needs of the next generation under the context of electrification and advanced driver assistance systems. As electric cars become more prevalent, people are increasingly utilizing their vehicles for various activities. The intelligent cabin design focuses on providing flexible and versatile spaces to accommodate a wide range of engaging experiences.

The cabin is conceived as a multi-functional space that can be easily adjusted and customized to suit different activities. Users can rearrange seating arrangements, storage spaces, and other functional areas to create a comfortable environment that meets their specific requirements.

The center console is designed as a modular space, allowing users to personalize their item combinations according to their preferences and needs. Different families can choose unique configurations that suit their lifestyle, and even within the same family, different setups can be selected to adapt to diverse situations. This design enhances both the spatial utilization and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and adaptable experience inside the vehicle. It aims to seamlessly integrate family vehicles as an extension of home life.

In summary, this cabin design for family vehicles focuses on providing flexible spaces and customizable configurations to meet users' various activities within the vehicle. By optimizing both space and functionality, it aims to enhance user comfort and convenience, establishing family vehicles as a valuable complement to everyday life.

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I have held key positions in multiple startup companies and have been responsible for project implementation.

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