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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Oneone-Wanqi Wang

Oneone (b.1998, China) is a London based interdisciplinary artist and performance maker. Through street dances and performances, her practice explores the body and its spontaneous movements as a shifting space that reveals the shape of relationships with surroundings through a specific type of dance named tutting. By incorporating Chinese mythology, dance and post-humanism narratives, her work expands symbiotic connections between emotional worlds and their physical embodiment-seeking the power and beauty of imperfection inside humanity and its nature.


This is a photo of the artist, oneone

My artistic practice primarily revolves around the captivating art form of narrative tutting dance. This mesmerizing style of expression involves the creation, manipulation, and exaggeration of intricate shapes using the wrists, hands, and fingers. Within the realm of tutting, my hands transform into vessels that embody diverse forces and justifications, converging into a unified energy that transcends language barriers, forging deep connections with the audience. Through my performances, I strive to craft visually stunning and immersive experiences that delve into personal narratives, exploring the intricate diversity and profound complexity of human expression.

In my exploration of body and hand communication, I embrace the power of non-verbal forms. These expressive mediums serve as powerful conduits through which I convey emotions and experiences that often surpass the limitations of spoken words and translations. Within the choreography of my tutting dance, I intentionally accentuate the subtle nuances and raw emotions that can be easily lost in traditional modes of communication.

Chinese Women PhilosophyThis art film delves into the relationship between fashion, aesthetics, and self-expression through finger tutting. The vibrant tapestry of Chinese proverbs is interwoven, celebrating the wisdom of Chinese women. The dancer portrays a young Asian girl who embarks on a transformative journey, facing challenges of conformity and losing touch with her true self. The film explores Asian women's aesthetics, addresses cultural appropriation, and promotes acceptance, empowerment, and liberation.
screenshot from the tutting film, the dancer in digital light
screenshot of the dancer from the tutting film
installation view of the tutting film with tutting hand sculptures
screenshot from the tutting film, the dancer in digital light
screenshot from the tutting film
tutting hand gestures sculptures with digital light
installation view of the film with the resin hands
installation view of the film with the resin hands
installation view of the film with the resin hands
CreepinCreepin, a captivating tutting dance film, delves into the intricate dynamics of interpersonal relationships and personal emotional expression within the realm of love. Embarking on a poignant journey, it explores the profound experience of loving someone so intensely that one loses oneself. The film strives to deepen our understanding of the multifaceted nature of love and its complexities.
digital image of twisting tutting hands
digital image of twisting tutting hands


moving image