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Fashion (MA)

Wanjing Luo

Wanjing Luo is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong interest in fashion accessories and jewelry. Hailing from Changchun, Jilin Province, China, she currently resides in London. After completing her BSc in Music Technology, she pursued her MA in Fashion at the Royal College of Art.

In her artistic practice, Wanjing enjoys working with a variety of materials, such as metal, resin, and fabric, to explore the relationship between the inner self and the art pieces worn. She believes that accessories and jewelry not only serve as adornments but also possess the ability to reflect identities and express artistic visions. Through her work, Wanjing aims to evoke emotions and initiate conversations by fusing different artistic mediums and juxtaposing traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Anxiety and insecurity make all my senses amplified and easily startled.

Today's fast-paced lives and excessive stress make it difficult to prevent anxiety. We are often unable to hear the voices of our inner children due to our busy schedules at work, school, or at home. In my country, people tend to chase the " rhythm of life" and everything has to be done at a faster pace. They say you have to act at a certain age, at 20 you should .... , 30 years old you should ..... We have been driven by what we are supposed to be, but it is time to slow down and listen to our inner voice.

Anxiety and insecurity make all my senses amplified and easily startled. I wanted to be able to allow myself to relax, listen to my inner child and rediscover a sense of security that I had unknowingly lost.

For me, fashion is more than just a decorative thing. When we wear clothes, accessories, jewellery or anything else, it is like a part of our body. The relationship between our inner being and them is like the sun and the planets, distant but closely connected. So I decided to use my designs as a medium to create accessories that would relieve my own anxiety and hopefully bring me a sense of security. I chose to complete this piece by hand making, because I believe that the process of designing and making my own pieces, bit by bit, can also heal my mental health.


White Security

Many children like to build themselves a 'secret base' with a quilt, including me when I was little. We would feel very secure here, in a small but cosy space. There would be times when I would want to wrap myself up and be protected. To separate myself from the outside world and to listen to my inner child quietly. It's a very healing thing for me, just like plants get sunlight, I get energy from being " disconnected " from the world.

I have incorporated clouds into my design and the wrapping feeling of the clouds is very much like an embrace. I believe that this wrapping feeling will bring me a sense of security.

Being wrapped in a cloak gives me a sense of security
Being wrapped in the cloak gives me a sense of security


PP cotton, Organza, Down, Polyester
When I'm insecure, I want to wrap my whole being up
Umbrella brings me protection