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Fashion (MA)



Our bodies are sculptures, 3D forms which are uniquely shaped and crafted overtime. Sculptures then in turn become embodied forms or artefacts, representing the living as a vessel of communication and interpretation—one that translates meaning and emotion. Our work is a view into the world around us, reflected as an abstract catalyst into a rare space of wonder and renewed consideration. A response to our past experiences and a step towards healing. The act of transcending beyond the human body as memories and stories into objects and materials, where they are intuitively expressed through physical forms, engaging and connecting with viewers using sound and smell.

In a world where everything is becoming easier to access and gain, we offer a space which requires a pause, an interlude to think, ask questions, not know immediately, and then eventually for the viewer to respond and reach their own conclusions about the work presented to them. Humans’ unique interpretation is what makes this world so multilayered, through sculpture we hope to offer a new slant of thought, ideas and creation. Focusing on the symbolism and provenance of materials, where they act as agents in the process of Sculpturewear.

Text by Shanti Bell, Rooya Rasheed & Kelsey Ann Kasom RCA FASHION MA 2022 alumni network.

Image Credit: Sanna Namin