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Animation (MA)

Umang(mango) Mankodiya

Umang (Mango) Mankodiya is a visionary animator, a passionate connoisseur of performing arts, and an innovative independent illustrator journalist, currently based in the vibrant city of London.

Having embarked on a transformative journey at the esteemed Royal College of Art for an MA in Experimental Animation, Mango has left an indelible mark on the animation landscape through a diverse range of captivating projects. Notably, Mango contributed to a groundbreaking signature film for the revered Krok Film Festival, mesmerizing audiences with a masterful blend of creativity and storytelling. Additionally, Mango's artistic prowess extended to crafting advertisements for the esteemed Hotstar platform, captivating viewers with animated narratives that seamlessly merged artistry and marketing.

Distinguished as a talented writer and creator, Mango deftly embarked on a captivating venture by conceptualizing and producing a captivating cartoon series pitch specifically tailored for the dynamic South Asian TV market. This testament to Mango's versatility and cultural insight highlights their ability to bridge gaps and delight audiences through compelling animated storytelling.

Mango's remarkable achievements have garnered well-deserved recognition and accolades. Their exceptional Krok signature film of 2019 achieved nominations for the prestigious Best Commissioned Film of the Year award at both the Annecy Film Festival in 2020 and the Supertoon International Animation Festival in Croatia, further cementing Mango's reputation as an exceptional animator pushing the boundaries of the art form.

In a more recent collaboration, Mango's artistic vision brilliantly intertwined with the poetic storytelling of Bazla Samin in the impactful work, "A Song of Resistance" (2022). This project was met with resounding acclaim and earned selection for the esteemed Student World Impact Award and the globally renowned Lift-off Global Network Festival. Furthermore, Mango's thought-provoking creation, "Purpose of War is Peace" (2022), received an honorable mention award from the esteemed Art Film Festival in London, further solidifying their status as a bold and influential artistic voice.

Ever the visionary, Mango passionately believes that the future of theater and live performance lies in the captivating realm of manual cinema and innovative technological presentations. Inspired by this vision, Mango strives to continually create groundbreaking work that transcends conventional boundaries, captivating audiences and shaping the artistic landscape with their distinct artistic voice.

Mango Mankodiya's artistry and contemporary approach to animation and storytelling have positioned them as a luminary within the artistic realm, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and leaving an indelible impact on audiences worldwide.

From the set of "D4 or E4?"

Umang envisions a realm of animation that boldly defies the constraints imposed by its live-action counterparts. Liberated from the confines of established norms, Umang's animation transcends mere visual storytelling, offering an immersive and transformative experience that is entirely its own. With a captivating interplay of "2D hand drawn" and "ink and whiteout" techniques, Umang's animated creations step off the flat screen and onto the stage, fusing action and performance in an enchanting amalgamation.

Presently, Mango embarks on a captivating project that delves into the enigmatic world of chess. Peering into the intricate mental patterns that manifest within the mind of a chess player, Mango seeks to unravel the mysteries of their preparation and delve into the depths of their desire for victory. This exploration merges the realms of fine arts and animation, transcending the conventional confines of the 64 black and white squares that define a chessboard. Instead, this project embarks on a quest to discover the nuanced shades of gray that lie beyond, forging its own unique path.

Umang's creative horizon extends beyond the realm of animation, encompassing the creation of illustrated slice-of-life zines. Through this medium, Umang seeks to broaden their perspective, transitioning from the intricacies of national politics to a global canvas, where diverse narratives intertwine and intersect.

A poignant testament to Umang's artistic vision is found in their first-year film, "The Purpose of War is Peace." Within its frames, glimpses of war's relentless brutality are depicted, capturing the unyielding destruction it unleashes upon humanity. In a mesmerizing collaboration with dance performers, Umang's animation takes shape as crude inked strokes on paper, vulnerably exposed to the corrosive forces of liquid. Frame after frame, tear after tear, violence etches its permanent scars upon the delicate canvas, leaving an indelible mark that speaks to the enduring consequences of conflict.

Umang Mankodiya's artistic endeavors transcend boundaries, weaving together diverse mediums and narratives to forge a unique artistic tapestry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Umang's creative journey unfolds as an evocative exploration of the human experience, challenging conventions and leaving an indelible imprint on the contemporary art scene.

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Ink on paper
Ink on paper
Ink on paper
Ink on paper


Within the constraints of its 64-box grid, chess emerges as a captivating game, an intricate dance of rules and strategies. Yet, it defies its physical boundaries, unlocking a world of boundless possibilities and artistic expression. A game of chess is an art form unto itself, a masterpiece woven through calculated moves and the symphony of endless combinations.

This film is born from an unyielding desire to conquer the game, an exploration of the path to complexity and triumph. It unveils the enchanting realm of chess preparations, delving into the depths of calculations and the intricate thinking of countless grandmasters. Their unique perspectives, shaped by probabilities and strategic choices, form the backbone of this visual journey.

In this captivating short animation, I aim to unravel the workings of my own mind, laying bare the vulnerable tapestry of my thoughts. It is a visual symphony, where conversations and game analyses intertwine with the profound wisdom found within the pages of grandmasters' books. This collaboration extends to the esteemed GM Daniel King, an alliance that breathes life into this artistic endeavor.

Using the medium of ink on paper, I will render the essence of my thought process, exploring the delicate interplay between my own thinking and the external forces that shape and manipulate it. The lines and strokes, carefully crafted, will mirror the intricate patterns of chess moves, inviting the audience into a world where intellect and strategy intertwine.

Through this artistic and contemporary lens, the film seeks to transcend the boundaries of a mere board game, embracing the chessboard as a canvas for profound human expression. It captures the essence of the game's complexity, its ability to mesmerize and challenge, and the interplay between calculation and intuition that resides within every move.

This collaboration between art and intellect, ink and paper, will breathe life into the rich tapestry of chess, inviting viewers on a visually stunning and thought-provoking journey into the depths of the mind, where the game of chess becomes a transcendent experience.

In a harmonious collaboration that transcends mediums, this artistic endeavor is further enriched by the ethereal compositions of Sobhan Afsarinmohassel. The music, a symphonic accompaniment to the visual tapestry, breathes life into the story being told. With each note, Afsarinmohassel's compositions evoke the intensity, passion, and intricacy of the game of chess, enveloping the audience in a sonic landscape that mirrors the depth of the narrative.

Under the skillful guidance of conductor Stone Tung, the orchestra weaves Afsarinmohassel's musical tapestry, capturing the essence of the film's emotions and intensity. The violin section, led by the virtuosic Wilmien Janse Van Rensburg and Matilda Sacco, infuses the music with soaring melodies and poignant solos, carrying the audience through the highs and lows of the chess journey. The velvety tones of the viola, played by Kathrine Wing, add depth and richness, while the resonant cello, skillfully handled by Eddie Mead, provides a foundation of warmth and resonance.

Together, this ensemble of talented musicians brings the film to life, creating a multisensory experience that intertwines visual artistry with the power of music. The collaboration between the visual narrative and Afsarinmohassel's evocative compositions, guided by Stone Tung's expert direction, results in an immersive journey that captivates and transports the audience to the heart of the chessboard.

Through the combined efforts of these remarkable artists, the film becomes a symphony of creativity, where ink dances on paper, visuals harmonize with sound, and the magic of chess unfolds in a captivating and contemporary expression.

The Purpose of war is Peace